Video: Phillies Broadcasters Have Been Reduced to Talking about the Merits of Delicious Herr’s Potato Chips

This went on for a couple more minutes. Seriously.

Tom McCarthy is such a company man. He’d read a spot for formaldehyde if Mr. Montgomery asked him. Will keep you feeling fresh allllllll eternity long!

Voila_Capture 2015-06-18_02-25-19_PM

Honestly? It’s more entertaining than the game.


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    1. I believe Cataldi was leering and drooling on some hard looking tatooed biker “babe” young enough to be his granddaughter.

  1. Tuned in for 10 mins to the radio broadcast earlier this week and they talked about types of pie for all 10 mins. Larry said peach pie was his fave and Tom couldn’t understand how peach pie was a thing. Then they debated the merits of cobbler vs pie.

  2. Herr’s Kettle Cooked chips have impressed me more over the years than the Phillies. Valid on-air conversation.

  3. I bet Tom likes to smear some peanut butter between two chips and eat them like a sandwich.

  4. I have not always lived in places that had Here’s, but I am impressed with the chips. I will take Cheetos on the curls, though.

  5. Remember the plugs for the Celebre Twins–Plain and Pepperoni from the Harry and Whitey days? And the pizzeria was not a Phillies sponsor. Also, the top brass would get annoyed from Harry and Whitey annoucing all those birthday and get-well wishes. Miss that!

  6. Tomorrow night’s debate: Which Oreos is your favorite? I usually take two Double Stuffed put them together and make Quadruple-Stuffed Oreos. Looking forward to them talking about favorite Pop Tarts very soon. This maybe fun!

  7. How is it that there are THAT many people watching the Phils tv broadast in the first place? That’s the real question.

    Considering they have the worst franchise in the league, may as well have the worst broadcasting crew too. I remember when Rob Brooks told fans to give chuckle Tom some time. Do we still need more time? Nothing is sadder than hiring a Mets fans who was fired by his favorite team to be the Phils lead PBP guy. Pathetic, incompetent, you name it. It’s all of them. He actually watches Mets games on tv/computer while working in the Phils booth…

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