Watch Howard Eskin Speculate Wildly, and It Would Appear Incorrectly, About Cole Hamels Being Hurt

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Hamels did throw a warmup pitch before the start of the eighth inning before Ryne Sandberg came out to the mound and replaced him with Ken Giles. Before the inning, Howard. But Hamels, who was at 99 pitches, was never visited by a trainer and all the beat writers seem to be in agreement on Twitter that he’s fine.

Reason for the oddity if not an injury? It’s totally possible Sandberg just forgot what number comes after 99. 10? No. 42? Nope! OH MY GOD 100. HE’S GOING TO THROW OVER 100 PITCHES!!! I’ll go get him. Sandberg’s not very smart, is what I’m trying to say.


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Swing and a miss.

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12 Responses

  1. Philadelphia fans suck!!!….Oh hey, Sandberg, you wanna leave Hamels in a couple more pitches next time so I can not trade him, thanks.

      1. ……and WIP did not fire him for this?

        In or around 2004, he also got WIP and its parent company sued for over a million dollars for libeling an attorney when Howard said on the radio that that attorney was bribing off witnesses in the Allen Iverson “out for a night of justice” crusade. Iverson was brandishing a gun, running around town looking for his wife. His famous words, “Someone is goin to die tonight and it ain’t goin to be me.”

  2. I was watching the game and there wasn’t any thought of “uh oh he’s injured.” I’m thinking Eskin wasn’t watching it. He was probably seeing on twitter or some other means that he was pulled after one warm up pitch. Watching it you could tell Hamels was thinking “WTF A-HOLE”.

    1. I agree, I thought the same thing. Kyle needs to get off the King’s back

  3. Atleast it was something different from Eskin on Twitter other then his usual rants about ‘my plan to rebuild the Sixers sucks’ because I won’t give him an interview.

  4. Is anyone watching our show in the morning? I don’t know why you would want to watch Good Morning America or the Today Show, when you can see Sarah Baicker and Barrett Brooks bore us to death.

  5. I am right twice a day more than the Burger King. I figure WIP keeps him around for the embarrassment factor.

  6. exactly one day after calling another reporter “a dope” for seeing sam bradford limp, ftr.

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