Watch Maikel Franco Bury a 98 MPH Aroldis Chapman Fastball into the Left-Center Seats

Voila_Capture 2015-06-03_10-39-02_PM

Second night in a row Franco has hit a late-innings home run to tie the game. He also broke up Mike Leake’s no-hitter in the seventh. He’s better than former third baseman and newfangled left fielder Cody Asche.

The Phils won on a walk-off error.

Video after the jump.


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  1. “He’s better than former third baseman and newfangled left fielder Cody Asche.” Thanks for stating the obvious! You guys are literally the Gary Matthews of bloggers. I’ll still check in tomorrow.

    1. I like Franco, and think he’ll be a good everyday player. But you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty sad how far this team has fallen that we’re excited about a guy who is hitting .225 in 70+ AB this year.

      I remember when the Phillies called up Hamels the first time against the Reds & you knew just from that start he was going to be an absolute superstar.

      I blame Rube.

      1. Schmidt – .196 his rookie year. 70 at-bats is no gauge whatsoever on how successful he will be. Guy looks like a keeper in both attitude and makeup. Let’s give him more than 4 weeks.

    2. Why can’t these people spell a name correctly? And, by these people, I mean …………….

  2. Damn shame this kid is going to waste some pretty good years on a mediocre I’m sorry a pathetic Phillies team.My Dodgers farm system is pretty stacked,so it wouldn’t surprise me if this Franco kid is wearing the Dodgers blue in let’s say five years.


    1. So because the Dodgers farm system is stacked that means Franco is gonna be there in a few years? What the hell kind of logic are you using?

      1. Clearly “Dodger’s fan” logic, they are some of the most clueless in sports. Any team tied to LA has some of the most brain dead followers.

  3. Nice story, Kyle. Did you have to look up who Maikel Franco was before posting this?

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  5. Typical broad in front row- Husband buys her a $500 seat to awful team, sits for 3 hours, turns away to blabber something and misses only good moment of game.

  6. Yo good morning , it’s your boy Sean Brace,

    Check me out at pitchers pub from 5-2 tonight for thirsty Thursday half price app specials!!

    1. Hi “Philly Influencer”. Hahaha, seriously? Give it up man, the whole sports talk thing is never going to happen for you, it’s time to focus on being the best bartender you can be.

  7. Please get rid of Tom McCarthy. He is the worst play by play guy in all of baseball, and his home run call is embarrassing. I hate watching MLB’s Quick Pitch the following mornings and have to hear him on those highlights. The national audience must laugh at him every time he speaks.

  8. what about the homer franco hit from 2 nights ago that went onto the walk way behind the stands?

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