Your Monday Morning Roundup

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That man (boy? child?) may win all your Majors. I want to be like him. I also want that shirt.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Dario Saric will NOT play for the Sixers next year despite a supposed attempt by the team to get him over here. Chad Ford:

Croatian forward Dario Saric, the 12th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, won’t be playing for the Philadelphia 76ers next season, his agent Jeff Schwartz told ESPN.

Saric is under a three-year contract with Turkish powerhouse Anadolu Efes. The Sixers reportedly have attempted to negotiate a buyout over the past month, but Saric’s buyout is too expensive to make the move practical, according to sources.

Someone – maybe in the comments? – predicted this token attempt. Good call.

The Sixers rely on an army of 22-year-old marketers.

FOX’s broadcast of the US Open was a mess. That course was stupid. And yet, a +45% ratings increase (probably thanks to prime time) over last year. Everyone hates Joe Buck, but he was the least of the broadcast’s problem (I think he did a pretty good job, actually). The red streak on tee shots was a bit much, but useful in some cases. But the main camera angles, pacing, “studio show” with Curt Menefee, “cabin” interviews with Holly Sonders, overlays, sense of context, commentary overall, and basic understanding of the game was an embarrassment. They couldn’t even get the dad shot right. That said, FOX excels at close-ups, and those were fun.

Jason Kelce, everyman.

Now Major League Baseball is beating the “legalize sports gambling” drum. Only a matter of time.

John Oliver on trolls:

Barack Obama was on Marc Maron’s podcast.

Taylor Swift beat Apple:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-22_09-56-39_AMVoila_Capture 2015-06-22_09-56-58_AM

Ariana Grande shaking it.

A drunken mess at a Kenny Chesney concert— and it doesn’t involve Riley Cooper!

Pat Gillick says Phillies rebuild is going to take even longer than expected.

Co-working spaces seem to be all the rage.

I may be randomly popping up on SNY this summer as part of their clip show, Oh Yeah:


Liberty Broadcast


A new Crossing Streams last week– Sixers, RADIO WARS, Chip’s racism.

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36 Responses

  1. That’s a boring shirt and he’s a pretty boring guy. Hard to cheer for some emotionless pasty white dude after all the years of Tiger.

    1. Yeah, it was so, so exciting back when Tiger just went out and crushed everyone year after year, pouted, whined, cursed at himself, and pouted some more. That was pure electricity. He sure was Mr. Excitement. Dude, you’re a total dork.
      By the way, you’re also a douchebag to boot, bringing race into it. Maybe we should have a quota of “golfers of color” to satisfy liberal twats like yourself. Sure, let’s socially engineer every aspect of this world to satisfy the delicate concerns of bleeding-heart fuckwads.

      1. I’m a casual golf fan and not a golfer. I really only watched for Tiger. Never found the countless country club type losers interesting at all.

        1. Please….There is no one angrier in this country than the pathetic, eunuch-looking pack of effeminate white men who call themselves liberals.

      2. It’s funny to see a bunch of assholes bitch and argue about which political party chock full of assholes are the bigger assholes.

  2. Holly Sonder saved the broadest. But they could have panned out a little more during her spots to highlight her legs, did you see those skirts?!

  3. This is the worst time for sports. The baseball games don’t matter because the season is so long, no basketball, no hockey, no NFL, no SEC football. And, by the way – screw golf with their gaylord dress codes. I barely need ESPN right now.

      1. Yes. Wouldn’t want Sixers ownership to actually spend any of the $ they’ve saved on player salaries the past two seasons on bringing a guy, excuse me, ‘asset’ they ‘covet’ over to the US to actually, you know, play for them. “Too expensive” is a joke.

        1. The Sixers are limited by the CBA you fucking ignoramus. They’re not being cheap. There are league rules that can dictate how much a team is allowed to contribute to a buyout. It’s something like $625K. The rest of the money has to come out of Saric’s own pocket. That’s why its “too expensive” for him. Not the team.

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