Your Wednesday Afternoon Roundup: NHL Approves New Overtime Gimmick to Prevent Older Overtime Gimmick, Aumont Gone, Ertz

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


The NHL has approved moving regular season overtime to three-on-three from four-on-four in an attempt to have fewer shootouts. It’s a borderline gimmick, all meant to prevent another gimmick that the NHL has now joined its fans in being against. Go hockey!


Cliff Lee trade

Phillippe Aumont has had an interesting week. He was called up to make his first career start — a spot-start for the injured Cole Hamels. He was then designated for assignment and decided he’d rather not be in the Phillies organization anymore by opting for free agency. That means the last player to come over in the Cliff Lee-to-Seattle deal is now gone. Great trade!



Photo via Ertz's Instagram
Photo via Ertz’s Instagram

And finally, Zach Ertz spent the day on Monday with Jrue Holiday in Edmonton, Ontario. Why? Because both Holiday’s wife, Lauren, and Ertz’s girlfriend, Julie Johnston, are on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team, playing in the World Cup.

Photo credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

I’d make a joke about Holiday and Ertz wearing their significant others’ jerseys like high schol cheerleaders, but their significant others are on the goddamn U.S. National Team. So I’ll just joke about Ertz’s hat. That team stinks.

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29 Responses

  1. It’s amazing how the WIP Morning Show falls apart without Angelo. And Angelo is functionally retarded.

    Al has been a broadcaster, for what, 25 years? He can’t even speak without stuttering or mumbling. Angelo can’t pronounce words correctly and has an embarrassingly low knowledge base of the things he talks about. He even lies about how hot the women are that partake in his god awful, outdated stunts. Did you see the beat up trashy skanks they used for the bubble bath? Good god. Busted up to say the least.

    This town has made this man rich beyond his wildest dreams and is about to do the same to Josh Innes. Maybe we deserve what we get.

    1. I never realized how skanky Angelo’s beauties were till WIP started posting their pics on Twitter.

    2. 100% agree. Its intolerable without Angelo. They sound like a high school rado production. That’s bad considering all Angelo does is yell and act like the typical Philadelphia fan boy.

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  3. Did you guys forget about me? Today is my birthday, and I don’t even get a sliver of a mention. Plus I just got my first period.

    1. Go away as nobody cares about a Little League team. Comcast and the local media made a bigger story of your team then needed, as it got way out of hand. I remember Comcast doing a Taney Postgame with Barkann and Bottalico after your semifinal loss, and that is when I realized that it was a bit too much.

    1. Give him a break. Edmonton is only like 1100 miles from Ontario. Just a brief 18 hour drive.

  4. “I’d make a joke about Holiday and Ertz wearing their significant others’ jerseys like high schol cheerleaders, but their significant others are on the goddamn U.S. National Team. So I’ll just joke about Ertz’s hat. That team stinks.”

    – There has to be some sort of joke about misspelling school.

  5. Someone on a previous post had mentioned Rita Huge and Josh Innes at Del Friscos. I see them more as splitting a 6 pack of Bud pounders at a CiCi’s pizza buffet.

  6. Ertz’s girl has lots of teeth. She’s cute, but that’s kind of creepy.

    1. Check out K@cie Macdoonneell, that chick has some chompers that will give you nightmares.

  7. Really? Ertz? I love me some Julie Johnston. Soooo hot, want to touch the heiny. Aaaaahhhoooooooo

  8. What a dumb, lazy fucking comment about hockey and the new overtime rule. You’re the worst.

    1. Hey blue, if you were with me you would never have blue basketballs, if you know what i mean… Please call me. C-Town Danny G.

  9. That forced smile, always the same. I see crazy (not in a good way, crazy). Hope Solo style crazy. Maybe the whole damn team is like that. I fear for Ertz, although he can afford the bleaching that will maintain her choppers.

    1. Maybe if she pulled the hat down over her head. That schnozz is wide enough to be a passing lane.

  10. We should be happy about the OT rule change. Flyers have to be the worst shootout team since its institution.

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