A Red Sox Fan Puked on an Entire Section from the Upper Deck

red sox puke

One-upping the late Pukemon, one presumably drunken Red Sox fan puked over the edge of the second-level at Fenway Park onto unsuspecting fans below … DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. I’m almost impressed at how many mistakes this dude made to lead him here, to the ultimate mistake. Video after the jump.

[h/t Uproxx]


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29 Responses

  1. I don’t do twitter because it’s a sewer of idiots but this tweet made no sense:

    “Puking onto people. Big time #RedSox move ”

    I assume that the hashtag “RedSox” is about the team. Correct? So, if a fan is puking, how does this pertain to the team? Are they involved.

    This tweeter is a self-loathing POS. I guess he forgets the 2004, 2007 and 2013 Red Sox WS titles that his team accomplished. Unreal.

      1. No. I do these threads because of the hypocrisy I read. You can comment with your opinion, I can comment as well. No difference.

    1. It’s weird how you think you’re above it all, yet you’re on here commenting in the gutter of all sports blogs DAILY.

      How’s that for hypocrisy, you skank?!

  2. I will say this to the commenters on this site that hate me. Once all of the posts are about the Eagles soon, I won’t be commenting. Football is a BS sport that is akin to both wrestling and soap opera and is played only once a week. Not the sport I grew up with that was a placeholder between spring training and the world series. I have no interest in the BS gossip stories that have anything to do with football because I’m not a gambler nor automaton.

      1. They cut the call off but not before they he used the Kelly quote. The second most important bowl in Philly is the Wing Bowl.

  3. Currently, 7 out of 21 comments are from Bob.

    Who makes more money, working less.

    And who points out the hypocrisy of people commenting on twitter – by commenting on a blog.

    Looks to be a righteously fulfilling life Bob is living…

    1. Well, just to clarify, I did not puke after taking the 13″ – I can handle that – but I did get backed up after he dumped his load on my tonsils. That was too much to ask, though I tried.

      1. Way to throw us under the bus Bob! When do we eat it’s feeding time getting a little dry back here need some fresh black cummmmmm

        1. Don’t worry I’m taking Marcus Hayes tonight for a ride down the Tonsil Turnpike. Hope he’s big enough to reach you back there though.

  4. Disgusting. Also, the clown with the white hat should take it off during the national anthem.

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