An AHL Reporter Is Fueling a Fire He Created about a “HUGE” Deal Between the Flyers and the Blues

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Here, join me in pairing this post with a grain of salt. Nightingale has 1,200 Twitter followers and is currently podcasting on a live show with… carry the 2… six listeners (one of them is me) and has somehow managed to light Flyers Twitter ablaze.

But this is all part of my new pledge to post completely unsubstantiated rumors because the last time I didn’t do so I had the Dave Hakstol scoop sitting in my inbox. Seriously, I’ll read anything on the prompter right now. Let’s get nutty today.

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39 Responses

    1. Oshie played for Hakstol at North Dakota. Not worth giving up G or Voracek, but the Schenn bros and a pick or something…hell yeah.

  1. Hey did you call Enterprise?

    Yeah can you help me out for a bit? Ok, now don’t move.

  2. Hextall should throw a couple bucks to an equipment manager to plant drugs on vinny L

  3. I was just at South Street Souvlaki and saw a tall kid in a Koho tshirt and a guy in a suit sitting at a booth near me eating a gyro and a souvlaki, respectively.

    I hear them on the phone chattering about something, mentioning players association so I says, where ya from? Guy says was from St Louis.

    1. “Al, did you just hear the man?
      That was a amazing store Al!”

      Rhea: ” I exist too you dope!”

  4. Here at the Action newsdesk, our sources are telling us it is Claude Giroux on his way to St. Louis as Hextall and Hackstol are intent on sweeping clean any semblance of past regimes and locker room complacency.

    We’ll have it all for you, right here on 6abc at 4pm.

    Also, fmr CBS anchor Chris May is here for an audition today. We are seeing who can keep a straight face, raise their eyebrow the highest and report on the Juniata Park swimming pool opening for the season!

  5. As long as Mister Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu is there, they will NEVER WIN ANOTHER CUP.

  6. What’s up dudes? There’s been a lot of this “hockey” talk lately on this website. What a dumb sport….SOOOOO BOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG! Actually let me keep it real, it scares the poop right out of my pampers…for those who aren’t up with me on tweet tweet, my moms is black and my dad is Italian which makes me 3/4 black…..I am scared to death of any sport where white men wear masks and carry sticks. HOLY SHIT….their is a Michelle Wie add playing on this website right now as I type and all I can say is KUNG PAO CHICKEN BABY!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s what I call a diaper dandy in my pants…….HAKEEM OLAJUWON

  7. Now he’s saying that this potential deal involves TJ Oshie and is cognizant on St. Louis acquiring another player… Don’t know, I’m kinda skeptical.

    1. Skeptical huh? You know what I’m not skeptical of??? That you are a moron. Here is poem I wrote

      All the flyers do is blow
      Michelle Wie makes my peepee grow
      The fans of the team are clueless
      The shitty players are toothless
      The sport is stupid, don’t you know

      HAKEEM OLAJUWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As long as its not G, Jake or Simmer. Anyone else can go in my mind. Hextall has been magical lately with a jedi like approach to negotiations. “Lecavalier is the player you’re looking for (waves hand).” Derp that would be suuuuuper cooool

    1. “Simmer?”

      You gotta luv flyers fans. They act they’re on the team.

  9. Simmonds name is now in the pot apparently.

    Speaking of pot, Im bout to dig in to some primos

  10. I would trade Giroux for nothing if it meant they would also take Vinny, Umberger, MacDonald, and Streit as well

  11. We’re trading them all. Coach Hackstool will be dressing the North Dakota varsity squad in the orange-and-black this year.

  12. Yo, dis be yo main man Sean Brace, influecin da whole city. I also be influencin da bat trooms at Pitchers Pub so come check me out. Peace!

  13. Hakstool will be the Chip Kelly of the NHL. All about culture, and signing/trading for players he coached.

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