An NFL Personnel Executive is Still Confused about Sam Bradford

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few months, it seems like the general vibe on Sam Bradford has gone from confusion and anger to confusion and anger with bouts of cautious optimism. But you and I, we’re just plebeians. We’re not privy to the inside scoopery NFL execs might be. So, over at, they’re having “one of the league’s top executives in personnel” anonymously breaking the Eagles down for them position by position. First it was the quarterback position. So what does the INSIDER say about Sam Bradford?

“I understand they gave up on Foles, but I don’t know why they’re building up Bradford so much. I’m still confused about that whole deal. You can only talk about him being the first pick of the draft (in 2010) for so long. What has he done since then?

If Bradford had gone anywhere else you wouldn’t even be talking about him. He’s been hurt the past two years and even when he was healthy, he was just average. But he’s with Chip Kelly, so there’s hope I guess. Chip Kelly is the one guy who can make Bradford a success.”

If there’s anything that’s gonna put your fire of excitement out, it’s this guy. And no, I’m not sure if I mean the anonymous executive or Bradford. Maybe both.


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  1. The guy is a genius. Who else would build their team around a QB who can’t get on the field.

    1. in chip we trust motherfugger

      1. put that slogan on chip currency and print it out on your laser printer.

      2. walk to any cheesesteak shop in philly and pay for your food with it.

      3. shove it down your throat so we dont have to hear your stupid comments!

  2. Anyone Who Has Paid Attention to the NFL During the Last Five Years is Still Confused about Sam Bradford

    1. the guy missed one season and a handful of games another season.

      had no offensive line

      had no weapons

      still had a better completion percentage than other qbs who have been in super bowls since then:
      -colin krapperdick (you know him as kapernick)
      -russell wilson

      maybe thats what chip was paying attention to but i wouldnt expect a simpleton like you to understand that since apparently your confused about everything.

      1. Oh look, the typical Eagles fan: always drinking the Kool Aid, no matter what.

        Bradford hasn’t been good since college and he’ll be mediocre at best this year, assuming he stays healthy.

        …and it’s “you’re” you inbred retard. I assume you’re from Delco.

        1. Because those were Bradford’s stats before he tore his ACL the first time in 2012. He was on his way to having a career year despite having garbage WRs and a turnstile offensive line. Go watch some YouTube of his Rams days, the guy can sling it and for the most part is very accurate. Stop acting like you know so much about him when I guarantee you didn’t watch more than 2 of his games in St. Louis. Health is the big issue with him, but if he stays on the field he will have a very good year in this offense.

          1. Oh, a seven-game sample size from three years ago. I’m convinced now.

        2. ok grammar nazi – go get your swastika armband

          “bradford hasn’t been good since college” – great insight, did you come up with that all by yourself?

  3. Anything on the drama between Innes and Bruno?

    Anything on Andy Bloom being out?

  4. Innes took a shot at Bruno over the weekend when he said he was going to start a podcast and have his girl produce it…Just like Tony’s podcast and Miss Robin Produces it. Which is a terrible podcast.

    Then Bruno re-tweeted a tweet stating Josh should be fired.

    All this was expected as Bruno and Josh don’t really get along. Bruno was paired with Innes to get an audience.

    Not sure about Bloom….

    1. no one likes josh innes – he will soon be in a soundproof booth in dc talking politics solo and getting paid like limbaugh. im a visionary

      1. i forgot to add something – innes will of course be bitching about how he hated philly and how everyone there was a prick

        “i dont get why philadelphia never embraced me i mean i did everything i could, but theyre all meanies there”

        josh will never learn that you have to earn respect in this town its not something you walk in and steal like you’re a 5th grader at wawa

        that being said im still grateful josh came in and knocked bitchanelli out cold from the ratings – that d-bag had it coming for a while.

  5. I got 4 baby sharks fishing in cape may Friday. Think Kyle might be on to something about swimming in the ocean

    1. the rogue shark is in NC right now

      rogue sharks happen once every 20 years or so – stop being a pu&&y

  6. about how this qualifies as an “article”, and how feels about Jimbo co-opting their stories.

  7. he’s confused until september – just like everyone was confused about what chip kelly was going to do at oregon, just like everyone was confused by what chip kelly was going to do in the nfl……

    easy to take shots now but where will this snitch be in january – praising chip and bradford. id bet my fucking house on it…..

    mark my fugging words

    1. That dude probably cost himself a lot of panhandling $$ being anti gay

    1. Zack, my man!
      That’s the exact kind of cutting edge journalism we’re looking for here at Philly’s Most Irreverent Blog!

      Looking for a Job?
      You can work with Jim to learn how to copy & paste Deadspin and other websites articles.
      Let me know, I’ll be on the beach but I won’t go in the water!

      CUE THE MAESTRO!!!!!
      \\// (holding my fingers up in the peace sign but really its #NovaNation)


  8. Anyone notice hope solo missing from the locker room celebration. Anything on that ??

    1. To notice that, one would have had to watch the game yesterday. Like 99.9% of the country, I was not tuned in.

  9. There are just too many ‘ifs’ on this team that have to go right:

    1. Can Sam Bradford play at an elite level coming off of 2 ACL tears?
    2. Can Kiko Alonzo be the same player he was 2 years ago coming of an ACL tear?
    3. Is Byron Maxwell the real deal, or was his flaws hidden because Richard Sherman is one of the best CB’s in the NFL?
    4. Can any of our WR’s step up and be a #1 to replace Maclin despite their youth? Can any of our WR’s step up and be a #2 despite their youth?
    5. Will our Offensive Line hold up if there is an injury to Peters, Kelce or Lane Johnson after they let go of Herrimans and Mathis?
    6. Will Demarco Murray be burned out after having almost 400 carries last year, and history says that player is never the same?
    7. Can Chip Kelly actually win a big game as he has beat up on the bad teams in his 2 years, but if his record against playoff teams is dismal.

    1. guess you will find out in a couple months huh? why dont you shut the f up until then?

      1. But I have a radio show on 97.5, so I’m going to need something to talk about during the summer? We in the media milked the Mariota story as much as we could all winter, so we’re out of boring topics on the Eagles to talk about. Then again, maybe the Titans would still trade Mariota to the Eagles before the season starts? OK, I have my topic to talk about this weekend!!!!

    2. #1 maybe/maybe not
      #2 maybe/maybe not
      #3 if Sherman is the best in the game & nobody threw at him, wouldn’t that mean that Maxwell was tested more often?
      #4 this is stupid, just stupid.
      #5 will any of the other 31 teams offensive line hold up if their starters get injured?
      #6 he may be based on history, that’s why you have 3 RBs to lighten the load genius.
      #7 if alex henery didn’t have ben revere’s arm for a leg they would have beat the saints in the playoffs, also did you see his secondary since he has been the coach?

  10. Chippah could be waiting for Russell Wilson to hit the market next year; negotiations are apparently stalled between his group and the team, he’s been reported to be taking it personally, and his ‘desires’ to play for Philly prior to his draft have already been reported on.

    Bradford buys him a year until next year when Russell – who knows how good a fit he is in Chip’s system – comes in for the long-term and a ‘big-enough’ contract (not a good look to have your fourth starting QB for a fourth year in a row, but fans will be fine with it if they think Wilson is here long-term).

    1. thats good analysis by you. why bother telling these short-sighted, chip-hating, fear-mongering idiots about that?

      1. Seems like the Philly faithful could use some topics to discuss to fill the void that is the summer…plus, I gotta stay entertained while I’m at work…

  11. chip hinkie hexy macphail

    city of analytics champions coming soon!

  12. This is unreadable!!
    “So, over at, they’re having “one of the league’s top executives in personnel” anonymously breaking the Eagles down for them position by position.”

  13. Is Expenses Yo posting from the class he had to re-take….or is it Brace? Stfu

      1. you’re out yo damn mind!!! expenses yo is the only one keepin it real out here!!!

      2. He’s really bad, not Bob bad, but he’s getting there.

        Also he tried sneakily defending himself by making the names bdawk & reggie white like no one would notice.

  14. Please use more contractions Jim.
    Let’s see how many you can put in one paragraph.

  15. This ain’t rocket science. If the guy was arguably an above average QB when healthy (we get it, he got hurt twice. Fucking shit, we get it) then I imagine if he goes to a better team he will most likely have better results. As for re-injury, probability says its less likely that he will suffer the same injury a third time. I said probability you troll. Settle down. Lastly, in some ways it parallels the Drew Breese signing . If you listened to every schmuck with an opinion at the bar you would have assumed that Breese would never have seen the field and that the Saints would never win another football game. I think that worked out pretty well in the end.

    1. Someone ban this guy! You can’t come on here making sense and whatnot. We don’t do that here.

      For reference see anything posted by Jim or any comment by Bob, etc.

  16. Most of you people are idiots. I’d love to see Josh Innes sign a 7 year deal to be a color commentator on all Eagles games. He’d be great live on TV.

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