Chase Utley is Healthy and Definitely Hitting Better So Don’t Bench Him

Hmm, does that source's name sound like Mace Chutley?
Hmm, does that source’s name sound like Mace Chutley?

Remember how Chase Utley had all those knee problems but told the Phillies he was okay and they were like “Yeah, we believe you” and he wasn’t okay? This seems like that: According to Ken Rosenthal, seen here, Utley’s ankle is feeling much better and he’s also fixed a problem in his swing from his ankle injury that was causing his .179/.257/.275 stat line. So, you know, definitely don’t bench him when he’s back. He’s totally fine. Everything is better.


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  1. You are a f’ing miserable bastard, aren’t you Jim? Utley, if healthy, can still be pretty good. If he was hurt most of this season, then so be it. He plays. Now, if he produces off of the DL, will you retract? No, because you are a fucker.

  2. When Chase returns, he deserves another week or two as everyday starter to show if he’s the .179 hitter everyone is embarrassed by or if he still has some hitting mojo left. Its not like it matters if the team wins or loses or by what margin

    1. Agreed. Everything is black or white with this generation however. They only care about age.

      1. Get over it Pops. Your time is done, now go get ready for the early bird special.

      2. They owe him NOTHING he’s been lying about his health for last couple of years

    2. Hernandez is hitting .363 in his last 21 games, so yeah Utley needs to start when he is ready.

    1. He’s got a great niche – a fantasy columnist who gets readers by being the worst he can be. I think he’s pretty much stopped trying ATP and embraced his suckitude.

  3. Chase Utley is a washed up has been of a player,who no longer has a role on this team.Take him out back and put him down like you would any useless animal.

    1. Exactly. If he had any self-respect, he’d retire and spare himself and the Phillies the indignity of cutting him after the season. Fool can’t really think he can still play, can he?

  4. Dear Jim, please have me soon so we can slow your ability to produce shitty blogs.

  5. Yo Bo, Utley’s da man.

    Jillian Mele let the whoppers out this morning with my boy Robbie E.

  6. Hey, don’t blame me for last year’s poor performance. I only got hurt this spring.

  7. Tuned into WIP for a few minutes. They are advertising callers can try out to be Teats new afternoon drive co-host. This is worse then Phil from Mt Airy.

    1. Heard Phil from Mt. Airy was let go from his weekend gig at 97.5 the fanatic for his on-air tirade a few weeks ago against Kyle Scott.

    2. No professional this side of the Rockies wants to work with him. Just get some dumbass to sit next to him and be his yes-man. Watch MediaMogul do something superedgy and hire a tranny.

    3. Heard that commercial this morning. Like how they dropped 1 in a million chance couple times.

    4. Another stunt to keep ratings from falling. No guy off the street will get this job, but Andy Bloom figures this is a good PR move and they can waste weeks “auditioning” pea brains and letting them believe they actually have a chance.

  8. Jim’s Utley-worshipping boss let him write this “article”…then again, i’m surprised Jim’s boss lets him even work here.

  9. His ankle injury really doesn’t explain his decline after May 29th of last season though…

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