Cole and Heidi Hamels Thank Philadelphia with Full-Page Ad In The Inquirer

It’s OK. The tears are OK. 

pic via Jake Kaplan

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23 Responses

      1. Heard from numerous people throughout the years Lesile used to fuck all the phils back in the early 2000s . She even banged raj

  1. The biggest thing I can thank Cole Hamles for is stopping all the fucking heroin addicts and unemployed losers who used to call WIP when I used to listen and prior to 2008 bitching about never winning a championship. That alone is worth anything.

    Thank you Cole, and your wife can sit on my face and fart anytime she wants.

  2. Heard the Logo ripped Missanelli and the Fanatic? ? Anyone have details

      1. Philly. Com doesn’t say anything about what happened. Did the logo really tear into Miss and the station or is that nonsense

    1. radio wars is heating up & Kyle is posting about some ugly looking basketball player & a thank you from Cole

  3. Classy Cole always a big fan even though he left a world series on the table. Nice picture tear jerker for sure.



  4. Nothing on the burrel speech?? Nothing on nick kayal ripping missaneli?? Too busy reporting hinke trades you guys blow.

  5. …Nothing on Kayal ripping 97.5 and Missanelli

    ..Nothing on the passing of Roddy Piper

    …But, if the big toothed wh0rse bangs someone, there will be four stories….

    You guys better wakeup

  6. The idea seems like a good one but the message is creepy. Full page is creepy and that picture is wacky. Just how many games did Heidi or whatever her name is win for the Phillies. Read between the lines……the Hamelses had already moved on up out of North Philly before the trade.

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