Cole Hamels Scheduled Start on Thursday Will Be Pushed Back until Friday so as to Not Remove Him from Bubble Wrap

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The Phillies don’t want to risk scuffing up their shiny Cole Hamels and will move his scheduled Thursday start to Friday… when he’ll start against the Angels for the Dodgers in Los Angeles:

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Anyone actually take the Phillies up on that bait-and-switch?


5 Responses

  1. Hamels is staying at least until July 2017. Nobody wants 2.5 years of a big money contract that they didn’t negotiate. Not gonna happen.

    1. How many times were you dropped on your head as a child?

      Hamels’ contract makes him MORE attractive to other teams, not less. He’s cost controlled for years on a team friendly deal.

      You think they’d rather have Price and have to extend him at $5M per year/2-3 years more than Hamels? Hell no.

  2. Nope he will have to stay here for 2 more years until July 2017. Contract is un-tradeable.

    1. Absolutely not. You couldn’t be any more wrong about this. With big name free agents this year like Cueto, Price and Greinke, Hamels’ contract is gonna seem like a bargain. That’s why teams like the Red Sox and Rangers are interested in him. They’re not gonna make the playoffs this year, but they see him as a good long-term investment.

  3. In honor of all the women he nailed in Olde City. The number is Ruthian in it’s proportions.

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