Dallas Newspaper Rounds Up Local Writers’ Positive Reactions to Hamels Trade, and Marcus Hayes’ Take


Even if you completely disregard what came back in return, the general consensus in this town was that it was Cole Hamels’ time to go. He’s in his prime, sure, but by the time the team is competitive again he’ll be on a down-swing, and right now he can bring back some good young talent to help benefit the Phillies in their rebuild. It’s hard saying goodbye, but sometimes it’s necessary.

The Dallas Morning News, recapping the deal that sends Hollywood down to Cowboy-country, grabbed the hot takes from some local writers. Most of them are on the same page. Bob Brookover said it was time for Hamels to go, Nick Kayal lamented the fact that we didn’t treat Hamels better when he was here, and David Murphy pointed out that Hamels’ value was at an all-time high. All reasonable and realistic takes on the issue. So, let’s look at Marcus Hayes’ take, which of course the Dallas Morning News quoted for its headline:

“HAMELS HAD TO GO, because Papelbon went . . . right?

One must determine the other, correct?

If the Phillies are serious about rebuilding, then they had to move Cole Hamels for surefire prospects . . . didn’t they?

Really Why?

Hamels is the rarest of birds; a franchise cornerstone in his absolute prime, capable of excellence and leadership and impeccable professionalism …

There was no concrete argument to be made for trading Hamels to the Rangers for some prospects.

He was under the Phillies control for the next four seasons, including a team option for 2019.”

Firstly, hey Marcus, always nice to hear from you. Second: No one in the entire world is making the argument that Hamels being traded is related in any way to the Papelbon deal. Thirdly: Yes, it’s nice that Hamels was a franchise centerpiece, but as this point his value to the franchise is in being dealt. Being the centerpiece of a 100-loss franchise doesn’t mean shit.

But Hayes continued, because no one told him to stop:

“He preferred to play the next few seasons with a team more likely than the Phillies to win a World Series, but, frankly, his finest hours came in 2007 and 2008, with Phillies teams that were unlikely to win a World Series.

He expressed no any real displeasure with his circumstance. He has been neither lax in his preparation nor distracted in his performances.”

WHAT? The only reason for dropping 2007 and 2008 here that I can possible imagine is to compare the 2015 Phillies to those teams. The 2015 Phillies are related to the 2008 Phillies in one way only: They play in the same park. The teams could not be more different when it comes to management, skill, or attitude. That argument makes no sense. And “he expressed no any real displeasure with his circumstance.” That doesn’t make any sense grammatically, and yes, he has. He hasn’t thrown a Papelbon-level hissy-fit about it, but over the past two years has said that he’d rather play for a team that he can help win. He got what he wanted, the Phillies got value in return. It’s how it all works. The next time the whole town agrees on something though, Marcus, I look forward to reading your contrarian nonsense.


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  1. “Yeah. I think the greatest thing is to attack a writer in Philly continuously because my blog is so much better and I have nothing better to offer. Better yet, I will attack most paid writers in the city for very little reason and hopefully I’ll get a mention on the radio for my unoriginal content ” – This Blog

      1. Let’s say that Marcus Hayes is the Philadelphia equivalent to Skip Bayless. Who cares? I’ve read bad columnists in Philly for 30+ years. Big deal. What perplexes me is that you continue to read it now that everything is online. Stop bitching about the dude and read on the 10,000 sports sites available.

        I don’t want to hear that I should do the same. This isn’t a major paper or news source. This is a blog. I’ve been told the bloggers are the future of sports reporting, along with podcasts, but all I see is garbage tabloids and the such with zero class toward any subject. It certainly isn’t germane to this discussion.

        1. Hey Bobby, I used to be uptight and cranky just like you until I became a tootaholic.

        2. I don’t read Marcus Hayes. Print is dead. Marcus Hayes is the same guy that accused Griffey Jr. of taking PED’s on twitter. He’s a hack.

          I read crossingbroad because I enjoy the site. You obviously don’t, so I’m not sure why you do.

          Not much you just said really makes sense…you’ve read bad Philly writers for 30+ years? That’s your problem man.

    1. thanks for checking in ‘bob’….I mean marcus….. now go teabag mikey ‘caitlyn’ miss.

        1. By your own logic, simply being a fan equates to “drinking the koolaid.”

          You just argue for arguments sake – and that’s a miserable way to go through life.

          Get a life, Bob, and try to knock that huge chip off your shoulder, you unhappy cretin.

  2. Guys, I figured it out. Bob isn’t Josh Innes. He’s MARCUS HAYES! That’s why he disagrees with literally everything anyone says, no matter how stupid it makes him sound.

    1. “JimmyCarville” as a handle? You are probably 40+ years old, unemployed and confused about your life.

  3. Why do you even come to this blog? Don’t you have passwords to reset?

        1. What do you care about what I think? I leave my comments like anyone else. Don’t like them? Tough, kid. Move on.

        2. Yea my bad… just looking to get people heated, ends up being kind of entertaining you know? Look at all the fun we’ve had! Anyway.. sorry, my fault.

    1. He never leaves, he has about 12 hours a day with nothing better to do than hit refresh and be a whiny, annoying dick that tries to talk down to others on a frigging sports blog. #Winner

      1. “annoying dick that tries to talk down to others on a frigging sports blog. #Winner”

        1: As opposed to the commenters on this site that daily add non-sports comments to the site as well as the bloggers here that don’t write real sports stories on a “frigging sports blog”?

        2: Get rid of a hashtag in your response. This isn’t twitter, you loser. It’s a comment section on a blog. F’ing stupid.

            1. Sorry, I’m a fucking moron and just kind of bored with the day. Trolling entertains me. Didn’t mean to start a shitstorm.

  4. I bet u have a autographed Hayes picture somewhere in ur house don’t u ?

    1. No, but I take Hayes more seriously as opposed to a blogger. I disagree with him most of the time, but at least he’s paid by a company to give his opinion.

      1. As opposed to Kyle making money off of all of us coming to his blog every day? That makes Hayes more credible? yawwwwwwwwn

        If you really dislike Kyle so much, why don’t you hurt him where it counts, in the wallet. Its as easy as never coming here again, that way he doesn’t get advertising money from you!

        1. He gets zero advertising money from me that I can see. I have adblock + firewall protection. The ads are blocked before they reach my PC.

          1. Just clicking on the site adds to his “unique users” count and thus increases the amount he’s able to charge for ads. So, yes he does. Maybe its indirectly, but he gets money from your clicks Bobby.

            1. Wrong. Initial taps may add to his clicks, but ads do not because of IP sec tunnels dis-allowance of traffic. I know. This is what I do for a living.

        2. Advertising money??? Are you kidding me??! Kyle might make 50k/year if he’s lucky. I make 5 times that giving blow jobs in the market st parking garage.

      2. Sorry, just looking to rile people up… entertain myself a little bit. Didn’t expect it to get like this.

              1. Can you guys PLEASE stop using my name. Its making me so frustrated that my balls are sore!

    2. He probably has an autographed picture of Dick Jeradi blowing Barbaro that he jacks it too

  5. Everyone’s missing the point. The Phillies should have been rebuilding around Cole the last 4 years so they could be a contender this year. Utley and Howard should have been traded three years ago.

    1. Totally agree. If the front office had consistently restocked the team like they should have, we wouldn’t even be talking about trading Hamels. We’d be talking about all the WS titles we won.

      Unfortunately, the front office’s incompetence has lead to the trading of Hamels being necessary to make the team competitive again. Very sad day.

      1. No. Phils suck because they haven’t drafted guys who could actually play in God only knows how long. That forced them into making deals for free agents and to sign the only homegrown stars they had to ridiculous contracts.

        1. I mean, yea. That certainly plays into the front office’s failures, that’s more or less what I was talking about. They haven’t been able to rely on the farm system or go out and get guys to make sure this team is consistently good. Shit, Hamels is probably the last guy to come up from the farm system and be better than average. Let alone great.

          1. It is driving the front office failures. It is sad to see Hamels go because of it. I hope they are fixing that with some of these prospects and their recent drafts. Right now we got Franco, Giles and not a whole lot else. Really glad they got rid of Diekman. He only got guys out when they were swinging at balls in the dirt.

      2. Trading Hamels did not become nor was it ever necessary. Not one of these assholes they got from Texas will be an above average player. Bank on it

  6. No one is mentioning that the phils can replace hamels via free agency whenever they’re ready. If it was this year all theyd have to do is sign price/Zimmerman/cueto. They’ll probably wait a year though.

    1. Correct. The Phillies did the right thing now with the trade of Hamels to build the farm we needed. We can sign another ace in the near future. Middleton has to OK the money, which I don’t think he has the problem at all doing. See Cliff Lee.

      1. You don’t rebuild with other team’s prospects you draft your own.
        You drink the kool aid
        You hear everyone say they gotta trade Hamels so then you agree with it when it happens,
        You’re a fat slob like Marcus Hayes and Bill Conlin

  7. Marcus Hayes likes to say whatever will stir fans up. On daily news live he would do it all the time. He’s a dickhead .

  8. Kyle, if you don’t let us have a secure log in i am going to come down to the Nova campus and personally jack of coach wright and let him cream all over my face!!!!

    1. Nah. I don’t want a secure login anymore. I want to expose the fraud content here and the hypocrite commenters here that are garbage excuses of human beings that talk sh>it but would never act like this in person.

    2. Dude, stop taking my avatar name. I fucking apologized to everyone for just getting my troll on during a slow Thursday afternoon. Just wanted to fuck with some people and I looked back over my comments and realized I got a little angry. You can’t just take my name and start posting like you’re me, it’s fucking identity theft.

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    1. This is probably my favorite comment thread on here

    2. I saw Bob get owned twice as hard out back of the Slack’s Hoagie Shack down off Delaware Ave. Never seen a human being have so much stuffed into their body… Actually was not fun to watch.

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  10. When Kyle shows us 1 of those boring ass charts next year showing how many page clicks he had the explanation for the dropoff from July to August will be “late July is when Bob left and took all the fake Bobs with him”

  11. Love how Jimbo calls out Marcus’ grammar in the same paragraph he says this:

    “The only reason for dropping 2007 and 2008 here that I can possible imagine is to compare the 2015 Phillies to those teams.”

    I couldn’t POSSIBLE imagine a guy more in need of a proofreader than you Jimbo.

  12. Wow, Marcus Hayes got something right.

    Trading an Ace in his prime for nothing. Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

    At least while we suck we could have had Hamels here. Probably would have been breaking records and adding to his legendary Phillies career. Instead we get nothing.

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