Dario Saric Reportedly Wanted to be a Sixer This Year

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sixers fans got excited when rumors surfaced last month that Dario Saric could be shadily bought out of his Anadolu Efes contract and brought over to the NBA. When it didn’t happen, some freaked out that Saric might not come over for two years or 28 years or whatever. But according to Basketball Insiders, Dario wanted to be on the Sixers, it just couldn’t happen.

“Saric told people he wanted to join Philadelphia now, but couldn’t because his contract had no out-clause,” a source told Basketball Insiders, while Saric himself said, “I think I’m ready to compete in the NBA, against the best players, but we built a great team in Efes and I want to help the club win a championship.”

And to hold the believers in The Legend of Dario over until next season, here’s a fun fact: Saric recently won the BeoBasket three-point shootout while wearing a white polo shirt, “Euro-fitted shorts,” and “the only pair of shoes [he] had at home.” It’s hard not to like this guy.

Kyle: Why?


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    1. You click on the link. You read the article. Now you leave a comment of “Nobody fucking cares” ?

  1. Kyle, I dont always agree with what you write or your writing style but it is good to see that the other sites like philly.com and other blogs who have been stealing your radio wars stories have finally began to quote you as the source of the breaking new.

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