DeMarco Murray Paid for This Seemingly Random Couple’s Meal Last Night

Ah, um, well, I have no idea how to tell this story other than to embed the Tweets of Gianna, who says her friends had their Japanese dinner paid for by DeMarco Murray:

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25 Responses

  1. Just had to throw a Desean jab in there. Such a scorn lover you are. You’re going to question their manhood but you’re still pining for D Jax. Move on you sound so desperate.

    1. Just realized it was LeSean and not DeSean, but same difference. Is Chip still sending you his midnight green kool-aid straight to your door? What flavor is it?

      1. Please respond to me. Anyone? Please? I’m very desperate.

        1. Desperate enough to think I’m hot like Kyle does? Let’s hang out!

      1. Not nearly as effective as ‘ludes. Good thing I have my stash.

    1. She was just told she didn’t make the cut. She’s going to miss out on the 5 1/2″ power tool that LeSean wields. She should go to Wawa for a 6″ while it’s still Hoagie Fest.

  2. Anyone see Jillian Mele’s tities this morning?? Bout time she showing them off on boring on broad

    1. Just be careful not to look too close. Avoid my twitter page at all costs.

  3. My buddy Mellonhead was at Encore in Vegas & ran into shady. Said McCoy was throwing chicks in the pool & giggling saying he’s getting his crossfit on

  4. I’d have no clue who Murray was unless he was wearing his own jersey, and then I wouldn’t be too sure.

  5. Why would anyone know what Demarco Murray looks like? He wears a helmet and face guard when he’s on the field. I wouldn’t recognize most Eagles players if I walked by them on the street.

  6. Philly considers themselves a football town? hahahah. you commentors are all morons if you can’t recognize the best running back in the nfl. all of you fake football fans please go away you are ruining football.

    1. Google translate would have a hard time picking up her grammar. This bitch looks like she has asbergers

  7. I have I need thinges to day to gianna. You’re not single cause guys aren’t into football; you’re single because you are a hard philly 4 which means an LA or NY 2. Kyle stop giving south jersey the spotlight PLEASE. They are not a part of Philadelphia no matter how hard they try.

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