Dolphins Beat Writer Warns Against Going to the Linc in Your Dolphins Gear

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I once attended an Eagles/Dolphins game at Sun Life Stadium. It was part of a big group trip, we had a special porch-area section of the stadium for Eagles fans before the game with drinks and food, and 95% of the ‘Fins fans were welcoming, nice, and gracious, even in defeat. I mean hell, you’re in Miami, what do you have to be salty about. They even joined in on a “Fire Andy” chant. It was nice.

Supposedly, the feeling is not mutual. Omar Kelly, a beat writer and columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, took to Twitter to discuss which road games are the best for ‘Fins fans to travel to. Philly didn’t make the top of that list.


It’s just more of the same stereotyping. The stadium holding cell is full of Eagles and Dolphins fans who fought? And I’m sure every single one of those fights was instigated by drunk Eagles fans on totally sober and polite Dolphins fans. Eagles fans can get out of control. That can’t really be argued. But so does everyone else. A Cowboys or Giants jersey might cause an asshole at the game to be quicker to anger, but that’s not “Eagles fans,” it’s “that asshole.” And does anyone, anyone, in Philadelphia really care if you’re a Dolphins fan? It’s not like Eagles fans as a whole see any opposing team’s fans as the enemy. It’s the DOLPHINS for chrissake. Just don’t be a dick, hope you aren’t completely surrounded by dicks, and you’ll be fine.

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42 Responses

    1. I am proud of our reputation. The affect of the fans and environment on the game is proven . So, I hope our reputation continues. Fans of opposing teams should be intimidated. If you are dumb enough to wear opposing gear, then be smart and respectful. Or, you will end up wearing spit and/or a black eye like that douche Saint’s heckler Nick Scelfo.

      1. Typical Eagles scumbag fan who only flexes his or her beer muscles when surrounded by other South Philly drunkards.And you drunken Philly fans wonder why your fanbase is the most hated in all of America.

        Dallas Cowboys – 5 Super Bowls
        My Ny Giants – 4 Super Bowls
        Washington Redskins – 3 Super Bowls
        Philadelphia Eagles – 0 Super Bowls

        Wake me up when your precious Eagles can win at least one Super Bowl until then Philly fans STFU!

        1. If my life consisted of reading and commenting on blogs of teams that I hated, I would probably be a very sad, lonely person.

        2. I’ll wake you up with my boot in your jaw, punk. Come run your mouth at the Linc.

  1. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the 80’s….I’ve seen CRAZY shit go down at the Vet and the Linc.

    If a friend of mine were an opposing fan, was attending a game in Philly and asked this question…I would implore him to wear neutral colors.

    It just isn’t worth it.

  2. yeah, if you want to get stabbed or knocked out in the bathroom just be sure to wear 49ers gear at a 49ers game….they only fight their own fans there

    or hey, you could go to any football or baseball game in California and risk your actual life, instead of just getting your feelings hurt by an ‘asshole’ chant like is the case as most Birds games now.

    been a birds season ticket holder for a the last few years and while there is an occasional fisticuffs every now and then most of the time the fans police other fans who may be crossing the line. I have not seen a fight in my section or the sections near me at any games in the last 3 years (only seen them on youtube in other sections). Plenty of good natured ‘asshole’ chants and that’s about it.

    This is such a lazy reporting crutch nowadays more people should call them out on it

    1. However, I still tell people to not wear opposing team colors just bc its not worth it.

      Aside, from that I still see it all the time and not much happens

    2. I think the over the top “OMG YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!” attitude is dumb, but Philly is definitely not a place where you want to tempt fate.

    3. Honestly, a team like the Dolphins I don’t think it really matters. Worst case, you’ll get called an asshole or something more harsh if the Eagles are losing. You’re definitely going to get booed and taunted but that will happen anywhere you wear an opposing jersey. So, if you can’t take that, don’t wear it to the game but you’re not getting stabbed, like in San Fran or Oakland.

      The worst treatment is usually reserved for Cowboys and Giants fans but, honestly, most of them bring it on themselves. They show up with this “I’m not taking this Philly shit” attitude and get super belligerent at the slightest provocation. I’m not saying they deserve it, I’m saying they start as many fights as Eagles fans do.

    4. Exactly this. I went to the game last time the Eagles were in Miami. The place was 70% Eagles fans – and if I lived in South Florida I would probably find something better to do on my weekends off than watch my shitty team play another shitty team (4-12 that season).
      I have gone to several road games and never had a problem because I don’t act like a dickwad. So when the Eagles scored and went up by more than a TD, the entire stadium sang “a Fly Eagles Fly”. Some middle-aged asshat Dolphins fan turned to the group I was with, looking for a fight. We hadn’t said a word to him or done anything. We were enjoying some December sunshine and a possible Eagles win. I think Old Man Miami took his Geritol and his prune juice kicked in because he realized we weren’t having his shit. But he started with us, because he was butthurt that his shitty team was being beaten by our shitty team and his stadium was overtaken by fans who give a damn.
      F this chump.

  3. Don’t worry, I’ll have the Dirty 30 at the game to act as security. Sean with the Shoulder Pads will keep everybody safe while I watch the game from home and dream about all the skanky strippers that will show up to be Wingettes!!!

  4. How many times have the ‘Phins played at the linc to say there’s “usually” a ton of dolphins and eagles fans in there?

    1. I can only remember one time…Jeff Beck was their quarterback i believe making his first start and Ted Ginn had at least 1 punt return for a TD, maybe 2

      Eagles won, but it was a really shitty game

      1. We hosted them in 2007 and beat them. The last time they played in Philly was ’96, which was before this idiot’s career started, and before there was even a jail cell in the Vet. If I actually used Twitter, I’d let the jerkoff know

  5. And just to show that we’re still the roughest and toughest I’m going to stab the next dolphin I see; fan, player, or water creature.

    1. and I’m going to eat more tuna, because Dolphins get stuck in the nets and put into cans with the tuna. Or not. Facts don’t matter. I remember when Flyers fans killed a santa skating around the Spectrum. Shot ’em with an UZI. Or not. And I remember a kid crying at a Phillies game once. Probably because the fans are so bad. Or maybe he was hungry or tired but I like old cliches better.

  6. What’s a Dolphins fan? Seriously, this is the kind of stuff I hate because it puts Philly fans in a catch 22. A lot of opposing fans treat going to Philly games like a badge of honor. Let them trash talk and harass and it’s “Philly fans are punks who are bullies until you step up to them,” put them in their place and it becomes “Philly fans are animals.” I think I’ll just stay home and avoid it all.

  7. Yeah it’s totally safe to wear opposing team colors in NYC or San Fran. Why is Philly always singled out? That being said I wouldn’t wear opposing team colors in any venue in any sport. A) because why bother. B) I’m a grown man.

  8. I like when fans yell “not in our house”. I always think, is the game being played in some run down burned out crack house in kensington? If not, then it’s not “your house”

  9. The main risk for a Fin Fan is to be laughed at for wearing TEAL football clothing. Really, Miami – Teal? Was Pink Taken? Or Salmon?

  10. Omar Kelly is probably the biggest hack down here. I’m surprised he took a break from trolling the Dolphins and their fan base. Guy is very Skip Bayless-y. Thrives on being a contrarian when he’s not wallowing in pools of stereotypes.
    Does he honestly think that an Eagles away game would be more ‘dangerous’ than say, I don’t know…the Phins hated rival J-E-T-S.
    Omar Kelly…pffft

    1. yep, just saw that he tweeted out the “Dan Marino was overrated because he never won a super bowl” line. That’s a basic fundamental in hacky-ness

  11. I love that a guy with a name like “Omar” is afraid of getting a beat down at the Linc. Florida is a third world cesspool. Their fans can stay there.

  12. I lived in Miami for a few years, went to some games. The drunk asshats there are just like the ones here. They just hassle each other when they can’t find anybody else, just like here. Alcohol and dickheads are not a good mix.

    1. Wow. I mean he seems like such a nice, down to earth, humble, loving guy.

  13. Is there anyone on that team that Philly fans even know. I went to the Seattle game here last year with plenty of opposing jerseys sprinkled around. No one cared. Now if you wear Jerry’s team stuff it’s a whole other ballgame.

  14. You really don’t think its good advice to not wear opposing gear at the Linc? Are you dense?

  15. I am as big an Eagles fan as anyone. But I stop going to the games 10 years ago. Iti true, Eagles fans at the stadium are a bunch of belligerant drunks, looking for a fight with anyone, verbally vulgar, who have ruined the at game experience. Minority or majority, there are so many that they dominate.
    There I am with m wife, my son, my daughter, and all around, drunks cursing, hurling epithets, f-bombs, c- word, n-word.
    I have seen first hand visitor fans having cheese nachos or beer poured on them, women who were minding their own business, routing for their team.
    I love the Eagles, I’m a believe in Chip and Sam, but I don’t go to the games, and I discourage anyone else from going as well.
    We tailgate in our driveway, I host my Giant fan friends or Washington fan friends when Eagles are playing at home, and they host when heir team is the home team.
    The Cowboy fans can go #*<& themselves.

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