Donovan McNabb Has A Problem


McNabb Face. It’s the smirk he’d put on after mouthing a “my bad” after a his bad. We’d see it during post-game press conferences. And as Mike Freeman says so well over at Bleacher Report, “McNabb was always determined to show that nothing bothered him. Even when we’d speak one-on-one: McNabb Face. He rarely let his guard down.”

But McNabb Face isn’t the main issue in Freeman’s piece. It’s what is in-between the lines: McNabb has a drinking problem.

We know that someone who gets two DUIs isn’t fine. Something’s wrong …

McNabb’s first DUI arrest resulted in a day in jail. This time, McNabb could get more significant time.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports, for whom McNabb is currently an analyst, did not return an email seeking comment. He is “stepping away from his NBC sports radio show—at least temporarily—to deal with ‘personal issues,'” according to TMZ.

Over the past few weeks, while working on another story, I have heard some of the same things TMZ reported. People close to McNabb that I’ve spoken to have been concerned about him for some time. They say he has refused advice to take car services in the past …

I’m told that after the first DUI arrest, McNabb’s friends tried to show the danger he was putting himself and others in. They said McNabb didn’t seem to digest the point. The fact he now has a second arrest seems to back that.

One person close to him said he hopes this arrest shakes McNabb into realizing something needs to change.

According to the CDC, the average drunk driver has driven impaired 80 times before getting caught. It certainly sounds like impaired driving was an issue for McNabb before his first arrest, and since. This isn’t a two-time mistake, and is likely the sign of someone with a bigger problem. In many cases, someone in the public eye who gets two DUIs, after their legal issues pass, will put out some kind of boilerplate statement and head into a treatment program, whether they’re committed to it or not. But it seems, as implied by Freeman, that if McNabb doesn’t find himself committed to changing something, this is not going to go away.


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  1. McNabb is trying to drink away the fact he robbed Philadelphia of a superbowl and no one likes him. You will never be loved like Bdawk. Give up.

    1. why do you love bdawk so much? as the leader of the defense, he came up small in the super bowl: 5 tackles, 0 int, 0 sacks. why didn’t bdawk make a big play in the super bowl?

      1. NE saftey Rodney Harrison made some big plays: 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 int.

      2. Exactly. What did Dawkins win here? Defense wins championships right? Didn’t the Eagles score 21 in the Super Bowl? Didn’t McNabb walk off the field with a lead against Arizona?

        1. in the arizona nfc championship game, eagles scored td to take lead with 11 min left then arizona goes on 8 min drive scores td & 2 point conversion to take lead. why didn’t bdawk make a play?

    2. Great leadoff comment. Made me choke on my coffee almost as badly as mcpuke choked in championship games.

    3. Dawkins is overrated. Has as many rings as McNabb.

      Steve Atwater was a better safety… so was Ed Reed. You’re a douchebag.

      1. practically WILLED that ’08 team into the playoffs due to his defensive leadership. Mcpuke didn’t do ish. And how did Joey Nickels reward him? By lowballing the greatest defensive back in team history. Jerkoffs.

  2. With that said, anyone who criticizes McNabb for DWI is a hypocrite. WE ALL HAVE.
    Frankly, DUI should NOT be a crime unless there is at least property or physical damage that can be proven was directly caused by intoxication.

    1. This is a trolling attempt, right. Like DUI’s shouldn’t be discouraged isn’t your real stance, right?

      1. No he’s right. .08 isn’t anything close to resembling impaired. It’s an arbitrary number used to extort money from people.

        1. All .08 does is increase revenue generation at unconstitutional “sobriety checkpoints”. You can thank MADD and the “just say no” Raygun Administration for making DUI the crime of the century.

    2. Let me translate this. When Bleeding Green says “we all have” he means he has, but he knows it’s wrong so he tries to make it seem common so he can feel better about himself. He also thinks that anything that you get away with its just fine. BG also thinks that you can kill your mom but as long as you have value to the Eagles that he will root for you. Some grade A loser right there.

    1. “rhythm” “douche” — the only words in your post over 3 letters (okay, except for “site,” which you totally aced, and “throw,” but you missed the “to” that it should have before it, so that’s points off. Nice try, though.

  3. I think the problem here is mcnabb is too cheap to pay for a cab or uber. He’s a legendary cheapskate

  4. I drive better drunk then most of you crackers drive sober.
    Get over it!

    I will always love you!!!

  5. WHY is SPOOKBOI still employed by Fox. A CAUCASIAN would have been fired in a minute !! FACT

    1. Dan McLaughlin – baseball announcer for Fox Sports. He was arrested for DUI and still works for Fox.

      It is not a hardship to be white in America. You just suck at life. Fact!

  6. Maybe we are seeing why his decline was so rapid. This has not just started. He has been a slush and it is getting worse. I hope he gets his stuff together. That’s just dangerous

  7. Yo Donovan…sorry about your troubles. Look man…could you wire me some money? Like $300? I’ll get you back bro.

  8. My neighbor has two DUI under her belt. No one was hurt in her mishaps but she served time in county, weekends only for six months (the inmates call them weekend warriors). She lost her license for two years. Fines and lawyer fees cost her more than $40,000. McNabb needs McRehab.

    1. I highly doubt 2 dui s cost over 40 grand. By the way why do wip has 2 play phillies games When there are 3 am stations That play them. Who wants to hear the phillies getting F in the A by the dodgers

      1. Keep it on the air,. When the ratings are shit (which they probably already are), and ad spending goes down, CBS radio will join in with Comcast and other sponsors to storm CBP with pitchforks and torches to DEMAND that RAJ be fired and this team get their shit together. Its how Ed Wade got fired 10 years ago, same thing will happen here. Patience….

    2. She’s my bitch now…. Got her trained to eat pie like a camp and bang the clit like a lightswitch at a disco rave.

      Don’t worry about the 40K. I turned her onto Levon – he’s got her making green at K&A $40/pop. She good.

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