Donovan McNabb: Still a Dumb-Dumb


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  1. Horsie Mc Fuckface must be slurping Hosmer really good, dude is on a tear lately

  2. He’s such a dumb shit. Always was. So glad he’s not here anymore. McNabb – We hate you. Stay away.

  3. Hiccup….lessee…..mine are…….Tim Teebow, Alex Heneryree, Bradleey Fletcher, that chick that the Cardinals hired as a coach (she’s a hottie with muscles, dontcha think), and * takes swig of Robatussin*, um………….lets go with Michael Sam, what the hell.

    How many’s that…..? That’s right. FIVE!!!!


  4. Someone, anyone just tell this fucking asshole TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY…. Number 5 will always…be an asshole.

  5. Fans can’t wait to add McNabb to the ring of honor this season. Bob will be tailgating at stupid Xfinity live.

    1. yo, why don’t you STFU and go back to Baaston and have some chowdaa..nobody around here gives a shit about you, Basston or your stupid opinions. Bobby Orr sucks

  6. A website that ran the headline “Mike Schmidt Days….” takes an uncalled for shot at a guy–who has done more for this city than any Eagles QB before or since–for a typo on twitter.

    1. It’s not a typo. McNabb has always been a fucking moron, for example not knowing the OT rules, and not being able to memorize plays (thus, Eagles could never properly run the 2-minute drill with him). He may have the best stats as an Eagles QB, but he’s a dumb shit and doesn’t pay attention to anything. Hate that guy.

      1. Hi ya’ll, remember me? I’m the worthless stiff that know-nothing Eagle fans like Mike thought was gonna bring ya’ll multiple Super Bowls. Yeah I pretty much always sucked but I sure did fool dopes like Mike. If you’re wondering what I’m up to now, I’m currently masturbating to pictures of that Minnesota dentist with that lion.

  7. Yo Bo

    What about the top 5 South Philly spots. I don’t know them because I didn’t grow up there

  8. Very few things more pathetic than a former star who can’t bow out of the limelight gracefully…

  9. It was probably just an auto-correct on his smart phone. Happens all the time.

    I doubt he actually thinks that J.J. Watt’s last name is “Wyatt.”

    At least he didn’t say “McCoy,” right? Just saying.

    1. Isn’t “Watt” a word though? like the measurement for eletrical power……”this is a 60 watt light bulb” if you want to use it in a sentence. Just typed it in my phone, offered no correction and my phone corrects EVERYTHING

      1. Good point. (That is allowed here, right?)

        My smart phone auto-corrects all kinds of words that don’t need to be corrected (or it incorrectly guesses/auto-fills which word I am typing).

        I just don’t think that McNabb actually thinks that Watt’s name is Wyatt. (And I think he has enough problems in his life right now that he doesn’t need more people piling on for stupid things like this.)

        But page views & clicks, right?

  10. this section isn’t intended for rational thought, Andy. say something dumb or humorous. you’re a loser

  11. Just another dumb ass with a degree from the big East… if only I knew of another dumb ass from a big east school hmmmmmmm

  12. You should’ve made Jim write this post, just for the irony.

  13. I don’t belong on this list, Gary does. He got hammered with the bruthas at the blues bar and pulled a gun on the biker gang.

  14. It’s like when your ex says “number 5 will always love you” but you just want everyone to forget you dated

  15. The irony of this site making fun of someone else for a misspelling or typo. CB is loaded with them and grammatical errors.

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