Drake Eviscerates Meek Mill with Joe Carter 1993 World Series Imagery

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Good morning. In case you have been living under a rock, Drake and Meek Mill are in the midst of a beef stemming from recent Tweets by Mill, who accused Drake of having a ghostwriter. Drake fired back with two freestyles released on SoundCloud, the latter of which, Back To Back, is pure fire Emoji and dropped this morning with an image of fellow Toronto, um, hero Joe Carter walking it off against Mill’s hometown Phillies in the 1993 World Series, giving the Blue Jays back-to-back titles. Get it? Here’s the knockout blow, landing on Mill’s tour with fiancée Nick Minaj:

This is for y’all who think that I don’t write enough
They just mad cause I got the Midas touch
You love her than you gotta give the world to her
Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?

I know that you wanna be that thug for her
That ain’t what she meant when she said you gotta open up more
Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers
You getting bodied by a singing n*gga

How rude.

But seriously, point awarded to Drake here. This is good:

The comments are equally outstanding:

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    1. Especially low sitting ones, you get the splash back on the cheeks.

  1. Any word on when WAHWAH radio will be finished loading? I was really looking forward to hearing the Demi Lovato radio as I cruised the site this fine morning.

    1. Has this radio ad ever loaded for any user of this site?

      Take the non-working bloat ad off Kyle!

  2. I’ve obviously been living under a rock because WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT 2 RAPPERS ARGUING ON TWITTER???

    Oh right………Kyle

    1. This site cares more about an athlete’s social media presence than it his actual ability to play on the field, rink, diamond, court, etc.

  3. I assume that this Drake and Meek Mill are rappers. Why would anyone that is white or educated listen to this garbage, let alone write about it? I don’t get it Kyle.

  4. Kyle is a legit douche.

    He knows how racist this comment section is and he baits the Republican neanderthal mouthbreathers. Delco trash.

    1. The comments here aren’t racist. White people don’t want to read this crap about rappers. Go to BET if you want to read about it.

      1. 1) That is pretty racist Bob

        2) Plenty of white people care about what Drake has to say. Not so sure about Meek Mills though….

    2. I’m a liberal democrat and I couldn’t care less about Drake and Meek Mill, especially when I’m reading a sports blog.

      1. But you know how to explain that without because a racist conservative fuckface.

        But he’s covering this because of the 93 Phila tie-in. And because it’s slow July.

    3. Anticipating an attribute where none exists. The only post referencing race before yours was
      Bob,“s, who everyone knows is a spoof commenter, except possibly you.


    4. It’s funny watching some holier than thou, lily-white liberal fuckface basically engage in the same type of stereotyping and generalizing that they rail against, just so they can feel like they’re smarter and more worldly than everyone else…

      How’s it feel projecting your sense of white guilt onto a bunch of people who place absolutely zero value in what you say, Paul?

      You fucking liberal, cumbucket.

  5. Dunno whats worse, the actual lyrics or the fact that you blogged about them.

    At least he didn’t rhyme “nigga” with “nigga” like most rappers do.

    1. What in heck is a Drake and And a Meek Mills. A cake and a town in Chster County?

  6. Hey, that’s racist! Why is nothing ever said when one n iggah calls another n iggah a n iggah? Yeah, that’s OK, right?

  7. If I was Meek, I’d be going “Fuck You, Wheelchair Jimmy!”. And by the way, fuck anybody that listens to this shit. There hasn’t been much rap since NWA and Public Enemy. (And PE is coming back, back like buttcrack, with some new slices).

  8. thes b some punk ass niggas talking while im up here in my LA mansion runnin outta water – im thirsty motherfugga!

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