Eagles and Phillies are Two of the World’s Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes put out a new ranking of sports franchises today – is that all they do? – and listed the fifty most valuable sports franchises in the entire world. Using “enterprise values (equity plus debt) based on current venue deals (unless a new venue is pending),” Forbes figured that Real Madrid remains the most valuable team in the world (despite dropping in value over the last year), and two local franchises made the cut.

19. Philadelphia Eagles
Value: $1.75 billion

1-year change: 33%

Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

The Eagles are financially one of the NFL’s strongest clubs with the seventh highest revenue in the sport, but they are looking up at their NFC East brethren: Cowboys, Redskins and Giants, who all rank among the NFL’s top 4 revenue teams.

The NFC East is insanely valuable. In fact, every team in the NFC East is more valuable than any NHL team (only one made the top-50 cut). But the Eagles are still just average when it comes to the top-50 – $1.75 billion is the average value among the top clubs. And below that average, but still top 50, are the Phillies:

42. Philadelphia Phillies
Value: $1.25 billion

1-year change: 28%

Owner: Partnership led by Pat Gillick

The Phillies have turned into losers on the diamond, but will be winners on the balance sheet thanks to a 25-year television agreement with Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia that starts with the 2016 season and is worth more than $5 billion. The team will own 25% of the RSN.

Turned to losers on the diamond? Fair Forbes, but not cool.


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  1. Another classic “Jim copies excerpts from another publishing and then adds a shitty joke at the end” story.

    Also, the Eagles still owe my dads steel company over $1,000,000 from the Linc.

      1. Quit crying Jr. and get to work – you’re green with envy. Man up you little girl.

    1. eagles and phillies are among top sports franchises in the world????

      Let’s see they made the top 50 of about a total of 150 household name franchises worldwide – what an amazing achievement!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chuck from Fishtown: ….I’m sick of this, Mike. Stop taking their side on every issue.
    Mike Miss: Just look within, bro. You’ll see the true answer.
    CfF: Yea, I don’t think so.
    MM: You’ll see, bro. You’ll see. Think deeper.
    CfF: OK.
    MM: Ok, bro. So, bro. You want a general knowledge question, bro?
    CfF: Sure.
    MM: Alright, bro. Bro, this comes from the general knowledge category, bro. Bro, what continent is Chad in?
    CfF: What? What’s Chad?
    MM: Bro, Chad is a country. What continent is Chad in?
    CfF: Chad Durbin?
    MM: Bro. The country. I need a continent.
    CfF: Oh, oh. OK. Europe.
    MM: Bro.
    Martinez: Unbelievable.
    MM: Come on, bro.
    Martinez: Wow.
    MM: Bro, it was Africa. Chad is in Northern Africa.
    Martinez: Near Egypt.
    MM: You know that one, Martinez?
    Martinez: Of course!
    MM: Levi from Overbrook Park, you’re on 97.5 The Fanatic. What’s going on, Levi?
    LfOP: Hey Mike, thanks for taking my call. I love your take on this prison issue ….

      1. This dudes mike miss scenario comments are fucking hilarious.

        1. …Oh, sorry, dude, didn’t see you up there.

    1. Heard mike miss was celebrating the president letting the prisoners free with a cigar & gin last night in Avalon

    2. MM: Bro, it was Africa. Chad is in Northern Africa. Hey Martinez, did you hear that new alt band from Norhtern Africa? Of course you didn’t, you were probably listening to music more appropriate for your age. Well, young dudes like me rock out to alt music, you need to get with the times man.
      Martinez: OK Mike, will do, oh and as always, That’s good work by you!

    3. I don’t know (or care) if these are real, but they sure sound accurate.

      One time last year was “who wrote the Star Spangled Banner” and the moron caller said something like Jethro Tull or something stupid, and when MM gave the right answer, Martinez was all over the guy like he knew the answer.

      (by the way the correct answer is ‘Francis Scott Key’).

    4. You’d be good at Quizzo, Mike. Every Thursday night, hosted by either me or my kid. Make a note of that. Want to know who you share a birthday with? Top 10 cover bands at the Shore? Tickets to a play about my father? I’m your guy. It’s not like I have a career or anything.

      1. And of course his dentist Dr Donn. He hadn’t been to a dentist for 29 years before he met him, changed his life

  3. Phillies should be up there with Red Sox(10) SF Giants(12). In the $2 B range but the dopes decided to start picking up players like Ty Wiggington,Delmon Young,Grady Sizemore, Jerome Williams,,Aron Harang etc etc..

    1. Yip.

      By steering clear of the free agent market the past 3 years the Phils saved themselves some money in regards to salary and net loss per calendar year but it also caused them to loose their ticket buying fan base and Tv +radio audience.

      And as the Forbes article shows they lost a ton of equity in regards to team worth. 3 years ago the Phils net worth was greater than the SF Giants. The Giants won and kept their brand up . The Phils crumbled and destroyed their brand. Now SF Giants are worth nearly $1 B more then the Phillies.

  4. Why are the Eagles so far behind the other NFC East teams? Especially the redskins, what revenue are they pulling in the birds are not?

      1. That they continually remove every year by the thousands, so its not like they re selling out. Come on cuz you’re smarter than that

  5. Dont worry I’ll get us back on track as soon as I can get the energy to get off this damn couch.

    1. We’re so screwed. We need a miracle that somehow this organization gets a good GM hire.

      1. work with me. I can get people to do damn near anything. We can make some great trades together.

  6. “Turned to losers on the diamond? Fair Forbes, but not cool.”

    Are you joking? All you f’ers do is bash the Phillies and you are insulted by this?

    1. Is it really bashing though? They’re 29-62. Saying they are bad is just a water is wet comment. And it’s not all that damning considering awful might still be a kind assessment.

    1. Saw Omar Daal’s wife down at the Vet when i was like 12, total smokeshow, Looked like Salma Hayek

  7. “In fact, every team in the NFC East is more valuable than any NHL team (only one made the top-50 cut).”

    Mind-boggling take Jimbo. Did you mean all NHL teams combined or something? Or did you really think this was a keen observation (whilst destroying any value noting that 1 NHL team even made the list)?

    Get Kyle back and then go take a dive off the Benny…

  8. So my rich aunt gave me $200 million in 1993 to buy this team. I got lucky as Eagles’ fans are so hungry for a Super Bowl, I can sell them anything I want as they are lemmings just pouring the cash into my pockets. I don’t care if I let Reid overstay his welcome by seven years or Chipper is scamming me big time and running the team more like the Titanic. The fans will still buy my gold standard B.S. I am a failed movie producer, but in Philly there are so many suckers.

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