Enter Draft Kings’ Millionaire British Open Event, It Starts Tomorrow!

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Today is the last day to enter DK’s Millionaire Maker for the British Open, which starts early tomorrow. The event lasts for the entire tournament and will keep you interested long after Jordan Spieth impales the souls of the defeated on his composite shaft by mid-day Friday.



Here are the details. I’m 100% in– so putting my money where my mouth is here.

The prize pool is $3 million. First places gets $1 million. The top 37,000 win money. Top 75 looks like this:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-09_02-45-42_PM

Not bad.

It is salary cap style drafting– pick six golfers with $50,000. The entry fee is only $20.

That’s it. BIG MONEY here. One of their biggest contents ever.



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      1. I think it would be great if we all bombarded innis show tomorrow with intricate NFL questions and laughed at his horrible responses !!!

  1. So the top bar ad on this site just flipped from Astroglide to West Chester U. There is some deeper meaning to that, but I’m not really sure what it is.

  2. Hello, this is Bob’s brother, Todd again. My brother Bob started his downward spiral a few years ago by entering Draft Kings. Before Draft Kings, Bob was a regular guy. But when he started losing all his money to Draft Kings, the only way he could support his gambling habit was sucking dicks underneath the El at K&A. Then before you knew it, Bob would be wearing women’s clothing and become an alcoholic.

    Don’t be foolish like Bob. Avoid Draft Kings at all costs.

    1. you can make a bit more cash at the Bridge St. stop. I paid my electric bill that way. just a thought.

  3. Carl: ….Josh you suck! You’re a disgrace to Philadelphia you fat bastard.
    Josh Innes: I know. I’m fat.
    Carl: You’re the worst.
    JI: Why do you people call me up and tell me I suck? I don’t get it. But hey, if that’s what floats your boat. I guess, do you what you want. And I’m gonna open up the phone lines. If you want to call in and tell me I suck, go for it.
    Jody Mac: Chip Kelly just cut Sam Bradfor-
    JI: So the other day I was having sex with my girlfriend and she said that her boobs were getting sensitive. I was squeezing them and it was getting all hot and a nice.
    Jody Mac: Phillies just traded Pape-
    JI: My dog Luther took a dump on the street yesterday. Right in the middle of the road! I cleaned it up but I didn’t want to.
    Jody Mac: Sam Hinkie just res-
    JI: My dad hates me.
    Jody Mac: LeBron just committed suici-
    JI: Why did Tony Bruno leave? I don’t know. I thought we were getting along and the show was really good. Jeff, what’s up?
    Jeff: Hey Josh, why the hell don’t you ever talk about sports….

    1. Lebronze James committing suicide would be the highlight of my year, here’s hoping that it happens

    2. This is pretty accurate. I turned on Mac and Teats for 5 minutes on my way home. Slim was talking about how he thinks Ariana Grande is hot, even though her schtick is to look like a 16 year old. Jodi wanted nothing to do with it, saying Ariana was on some Disney show that his daughter used to watch when she was a kid.

      Dumpy Drawers immediately smelled blood in the water (probably a pre-teens first menstruation) and started grilling Jody about whether or not he would fuck a girl that age. Jody got awkwardly silent and said he told Piggly Wiggly the day before that he wouldn’t answer those types of questions. Innes said he was asking him again and would keep on asking him every day until he answered.

      So, how long until this bloated, fat fuck who jokes about smacking his junk to teenagers gets shit canned because he is an incorrigible jackass with nougat running through his veins?

      1. Mah guess is that Mister Innes is not aware that Pennsylvania statues prohibit open lewdness and corruption of minors. That may or may not have been the case in Looziana and Texas, but definitely Mizzourah.

        In the event charges are brought against Mister Innes, Ah’d be a great defense attorney. However, ahm not lahsensed in your state.

  4. Bill Burr has a DKs as a sponsor of his podcast. He reads their add and always makes fun of it. Its always something like “John in Boston won $1 million playing fantasy baseball in one day, and Bob from Philly is sucking dicks for money after losing everything” So true

  5. Nothing I hate more then these ducking ads. You ain’t be winning shit on draft kings

  6. How does Draft Kings and Fan Duel get away with what they are doing? It’s gambling pure and simple and both companies or sites are illegal. Surprised the casino industry has not petitioned the federal government to shut both of them down. It is like gambling as it is a zero sum game. One guy wins a lot of money via pure luck and 10,000 guys lose and can’t pay the mortgage. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  7. Did you actually write the summer sucks? You fucking asshole what is your problem.

  8. So ESPN has lost 3.2 million cable subscribers in the past year……and their brilliant move was to release Bill Simmons while giving new deals to Stephen A and Bayless

  9. I agree with Lawncrest. Maybe Kyle’s summer sucks because he’s afraid to go to the beach. Summer is by far the best time of year. Jesus Christ Kyle you can’t even type an ad correctly.

  10. Anyone see the new traffic reporter CBS 3 hired? She makes Jillian, Sheena, and that other former traffic person that lives in Missouri now look like crap!

  11. Draft Kings and Fan Duel are gambling sites. The casino industry must be getting paid off to stay silent. In this scam for the Open.

    1) 150,000 imbeciles shell out $20 bucks to get the remote chance to win any part of the $3.0 million.prize pool. What happens to the money if they get more….or less

    2) 37,000 winners. That means there is 113,000 losers and I guess the #37,000th wins $20.10.


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