ESPYs #SixersBurn

Damn you, McHale:

I think the only Sixer actually there is Okafor, for what it’s worth.


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    1. How the fuck is anyone a fan of that loud pig nose bitch & her Eagles chants

      1. at first I thought who would be stupid enough to be a fan of that loudmouth, and then I looked at your name again — Huge Fan of Shirley Who’s Calls Angelo — and I realized it was you! Emphasis on “Who’s.” What a stupid ass.

  1. I intend to make a dollar and a dime in this business.

  2. I wonder if he was asked by ESPN to include a joke about them.

    ESPN seems to think they are doing this civil service for the NBA by crushing the sixers any chance they get, but this joke doesn’t even make sense, nor is it funny even if he inserted a different team. I like Mchale too, but he almost pulled a muscle trying to crowbar that joke in

    1. ESPN is owned by Disney, the evil empire, whose execs have sold their souls to the devil

      1. Imagine if Norm Mcdonald did his Espy monologue in these politically correct times?

        What sport did Caitlyn Jenner play again?

  3. Ha! Classic. Excellent burn of the team that finished with the worst record in the NBA each of the last two seasons. Oh wait, they didn’t in either season? Never let the facts get in the way of a good “joke” though.

    Would have been accurate if he said Phillies instead…

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