Here’s the First Trailer for Creed


Or: The Human Torch Runs Through South Philly

The first trailer for the seventh film in the Rocky series, Creed, debuted last night. It features all of the things you expect in the trailer of a Rocky film: A run through the Italian Market, extensive training shots, Stallone mumbling while wearing a dumb hat. Hell, I even deserve hip points for spotting Johnny Brenda’s stage in the trailer. As someone who didn’t care at all about Rocky Balboa, this looks pretty good.


24 Responses

  1. Never forget last March seeing Apollo’s son fingering that south Philly mob star Natalie’s asshole out front of old 4 seasons

  2. You’d have gotten more “hip points” if you made an Avon Barksdale / Wallace comment.

    But you didn’t.

    1. yea bro, because “The Wire” references are so hip bro.

      You ready for your general knowledge question, bro?

  3. id rather dip my dick in raspberry jam and put it in my whore wife’s ninja food processor than watch this trash

    you got aids!

  4. Philly boxer Gabriel Rosado is featured in this film and is the opposing boxer in the trailer

    1. The same punk kid who got brutalized in real life by golovkin? Rosado can’t box for shit

  5. Creed was pretty good back in the day with that overwrought grunge sound. I didn’t know they had a movie. “With arms wiidde opeen into the suunliigght, weelcomee to dis place”. I’ll go see this.

  6. Unless you just read Philebrity earlier in the day. They posted this in the morning and mentioned J. Brenda’s.

    I award you no hip points and my God have mercy on your soul.

  7. When will these Philly idiots learn when my career is on the skids, I come back to Philly and reopen this garbage.

  8. Over/under on number of handies Jimbo has given in the men’s room at Johnny Brenda’s? Line is 17.5. Place your bets.

  9. I can’t tell you how much I hate when movies and commercials are so lazy that they use GarageBand loops as their music. That ending music playing underneath the quote is straight from there. Such lazy BS, especially when they have such a *talented* songwriter as Frank Stallone around.

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