Here’s Video of Donovan McNabb’s DUI Arrest

Video has now surfaced, of course via TMZ, of Donovan McNabb’s late June DUI arrest. You can see some of the footage above (seemingly recorded on an officer’s body camera), where McNabb explains that he had been taking some medicine for a cold and respond with “listen, I played football,” when asked if he had any recent head injuries.” There are a couple of more videos over at TMZ, but it’s certainly not as damning as it could have been.


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    1. Sorry only espn radio(610am),and wfan(660am) for me when listening to sports talk in Philly.

  1. Seriously? Why would you post this?

    I understand that TMZ feels the need to put this shit out there, but they are the Paparazzi.. (you know scumbags). This video might be public record, thats great and all, but maybe it shouldn’t be posted and put for discussion, especially when there is talk of the guy needing to get help. This isn’t funny, it’s sad…. and it is pathetic that you post it for your own gain.

    SMD, GKY.

    peace out.

    1. Yea, listen to him. Stop trying to be TMZ and gain popularity and money off of exploiting athletes at their weakest point. That’s something a certain type of folk would do.

    1. Another sickening “Driving While Black: outrage! Racist COPS

  2. Boooooooooo Booooooooo Booooooo

    We’re booing the DUI, not McNabb.

  3. Not a problem. Why are you driving around with a bottle of Tequila in your trunk. Not a problem. You have thousands of dollars in hundred dollar bills in a baggie. Not a problem.
    We’re you arrested before for a DUI. Not a problem. Your radio and TV career is over. Not a problem.

  4. At least the cop didn’t make him do the throw to the open receiver field sobriety test

    1. You missed the video where he drilled the breathalyzer into the ground three feet in font of its intended target.

    2. He would have passed the test had he thrown the ball at the receiver’s feet. Yep, Donovan’s sober.

      1. Jesus Christ, you mean we actually have enough footage for a “Best Of BOB”?

  5. A CAUCASIAN would have BEEN FIRED ! Fire this asshole before he kills a family ! A drunk doesnt have a medical PROBLEM ! A drunk is a DRUNK, NOT a disability. He NEEDS TO BE FIRED. If not, when the DRUNK NARCISSIST KILLS A FAMILY, FOX WILL BE RESPONSIBLE ! He CHOSE to drink & get behind the wheel! STOP THIS SHIT that he HAS A PROBLEM ! Fire that SCUM !

    1. Fox will be responsible if he kills a family? Are you a retard? Firing McNabb won’t make a difference. He doesn’t need any money from any job. He made 125+ million playing in the NFL. I’m certain he has enough money to drink and drive for 100 lifetimes.

  6. “I’m Embarrassed” for the server space wasted by you guys posting this

  7. A friend of mine said he read on here last week that Ray Diddinger is in rehab for a coke habit. Is that true?

    1. It’s herion, and it’s 100% true. My ex, small dlcked Mickey miss, even gave Kylie his wife’s number to call to verify. What a tool, it’s no wonder I slept around on him and caused him to cry like a little baby in the arms of Steve Fredericks. God bless his soul. Although I banged him too. Back door style.

  8. Should have made him throw a pass… If he hit the open receiver, he is drunk, if the ball hits the ground in front of the receiver, he is sober.

  9. 10 years ago he got Rush Limbaugh fired from ESPN for truthfully saying the media gives preferential treatment to black QBs because they want to see them succeed and now McNabb’s media career is hopefully forever kaput.. Bastard #5

  10. some years back I took 30 drunken idiots up to the NFL draft to boo McNabb. for some reason McNabb didn’t think this was funny, so I’ve hated him his whole career. I’m loving this story about him getting a second DUI.
    Oh well, I’ve got to get back to the morning show where I’m creepily undressing Susie Celek and flooding out the studio with all my drool.

  11. Throw him in jail to start his 90 day sentence. But not to worry, Odickhead will commute the sentence of another brutha and number 5 will be out in ten minutes.

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