Howard Eskin Quickly Deleted This Tweet About Caitlyn Jenner

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Though there’s probably a legitimate observation to be made that Caitlyn Jenner’s presence at the ESPYS was, as Bob Costas called it, “a crass exploitation play” for both ESPN-ABC (ratings) and Jenner (also ratings), this SCORCHING take from Howard Eskin, whose longtime shtick has been telling women to get back in the kitchen, took what turned out to be an overwhelmingly positive moment and, yep, pissed all over it.

Eskin deleted the initial Tweet, edited out the word “freak,” and explained his reaction thusly:

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Ironically, the safer route for Eskin would’ve just been telling Jenner to get back in the kitchen.

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  1. Just another Baby Boomer who can’t grasp multiple concepts at one time. Yes, a TV awards show gave out an award and publicity was a part of it. And yes, it was a positive moment for many people who are marginalized by society. I know it’s extremely hard for Boomers to think beyond their own little scope and understand the world is not black and white like their memories of “the good ol’ days”.

    1. Wow — way to lump all Boomers into one marginalized bucket, you idiot. How about giving some of us some credit. It may come as a surprise to you but I really can grasp multiple concepts at one time and do not find it extremely hard to think beyond my own little scope and understand the world is not black and white like their memories of “the good ol’ days”. I applaud Caitlyn Jenner’s courage and cheered for marriage equality, among other things. I am not one to criticize a whole group of people just because one pompous jerk in a certain age bracket thinks like a troll so I’ll just single you out — you’re an ass.

      1. Please show me where I said “all” or “most” or “many”. He’s indicative of a group of Boomers that are just like him.

        1. I don’t give a shit what Bruce Jenner does with his life, but he wasn’t the first person to do this, so he didn’t deserve an award for it. What about all the people who came before him? Where is their ESPYs. so fuckin phony.

          1. Why do Americans watch shows like the Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo or any other reality trash that is currently on TV? We all have our own problems in our lives, so why do sit there and watch other people’s bullshit and make celeberties out of them and their miserable lives? and even the ESPYs, ESPN makes up some stupid award show and people watch it like it’s the Oscars? Wake up People!!!!

    2. Eskin was right you weak minded fuck. And I hate Eskins guts. I don’t give a shit about Jenner, to each “his” own. He’s not a god damned hero for coming out as a tranny, people have been doing it since before the baby boomers were even born.

    3. Misog- Just STFU. Trans people, and anyone who supports then, are INSANE. The Jenner/Kardashians are all trash and a disgrace to America.

      1. And you have a PHD from where?

        So the Kardashians, who I could careless about, are trash because they use a show to make money? Isn’t that the essence of capitalism?

  2. FanSince09 has to be one of the most insufferable Twitter accounts ever.

    1. He’s an unemployed white guy I hear. He plays himself off as something far different on Twitter.

  3. It doesn’t happen very often, but I agree with the spirit behind Howard’s twitter rant in this case.

    1. You are right. Maybe the “Freak” comment was a bit to far but he is right on with the other tweets. Don’t agree with the king all that often.

  4. I agree with eskin. He’s dead on with that tweet. That freak show thing had no right winning that award.

    1. Me too. I hate agreeing with Eskin, but fuck that tranny and his stupid kids…

    2. Take it back one step – the ESPYs don’t need to be a thing. Every sport has its own championship and hands out its own individual awards. The team that won the Super Bowl is going to win Pro Football Team of the Year. The guy wins MLB MVP is going to win Baseball Player of the Year.
      More bothersome was ESPN’s decision years ago to transition (see what I did there, Caitlyn??) from reporting the news to making it. It is hard to be objective when you are starfucking the athletes you are covering. They would rather be pals with the athletes and hand out meaningless awards in a glorified orgy of self-indulgent crap. No one asked for this. No one wants this. Adding a “courageous” transgender does not make this shitshow any more relevant. Courage was Didier Drogba uniting the people fighting a civil war in Côte D’Ivoire years ago and brokering peace over soccer and national pride. Courage was Michael Sam coming out as gay BEFORE the draft and before his pro career ever got started. Courage is the Bengals keeping Devon Still on the team so he could have insurance so his daughter could fight cancer, and it is Devon Still manning up and being a helluva dad through his daughter’s illness.

        1. …that way my 12-year-old can’t figure out what you were trying to spell!

  5. Heard mike miss was in drag crying tears of joy watching Caitlyn accept that award from Abby wambach.

    1. I literally looked at the comments for this post just to see when the first reference to giving Caitlyn flowers would be. Good job on the cliche – though it never stops getting funny!

    1. No, I don’t think so. I think they’re just on a vacation hiatus. The Jill Mele selfies have been coming hard and fast from her various adventures.

  6. All these people saying Jenner is “so brave” and praising him for his courage. I got news for you…if that he/she lived two houses down from you, you’d be telling your kids to stay the hell out of his/her yard.

  7. I don’t agree with Eskin very often but he is on point with this. The “freak” comment was over the top but the rest is all true. ESPN/ABC wanted ratings and there were many other nominations that were much more deserving of this award. The Jenner/Kardashian clan is a bunch of frauds and would do anything for a buck. It is really sad that the masses watch and keep this people relevant all while making them money hand over fist. I have no issue with someone being transgender but it is hardly award winning worthy.

      1. so then you’re all for Innes doing his trolling stuff for ratings, right?

  8. I’m going to have to agree with howard the duck here. I can’t believe they did not give this award to someone more deserving.

  9. I agree with brother Howard Eskin 100% about that he-she Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner.While other lapdog media members commended that sideshow freak and gave the usual cliche about the he-she showing courage,brother Howard Eskin tweeted what was really on everyone’s mind but they were too afraid to say it.

  10. I agree with eskin. So I guess Kyle is pro Caitlyn Jenner??

    Had my kid last night ask me last night if it was cool being transgender. Almost threw him through a wall . Makes me sick what the media is doing these days

    1. That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. I hope they take away your kid you fucking troglodyte.

    2. Haha that’s awesome. Making sure your kid is not gonna be a pussy when he grows up

  11. What a joke that they refer to Jenner as “she” and “her”. He is a man – objectively. But now because he claims to identify with being a woman, that supposedly makes her a woman and we should refer and treat as such.

    So, then, if a white person who claims to idenfity with being black, when filling out job or college applications, …. yes, that’s another typical left-wing puke double standard.

    1. I know science is far above your head but gender is not binary. That means it’s not simply either or. If you need me to dumb it down further I’ll find “inner city animals” Bob to help me get to your level.

      1. You are the moron that does not understand science. There are X chromosomes and Y chromosomes – neither in between unless you are a mongoloid. If you have 2 X’s are are a female. An X and a Y you are a male. Nature decides not you.

        1. But way to be the picture of irony…you’re clearly the moron who does not understand science.

    2. i keep waiting for austin powers to come out, punch jenner in the face, try to rip of his wig and yell “that’s a man, baby!”

  12. The transphobia and utter ring wing hatred on display here is a sight to behold.

    Be proud, Kyle. This is your audience. A bunch of neanderthal bigoted scum.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Also, don’t try to post too much of a defense of Caitlyn on here. Tried twice and got “awaiting moderation.” Unbelievable that Kyle allows these bigots to spew all this hate speech but “moderates” someone trying to talk sense into them.

        1. Is this why people hate Mike Miss? Because he god forbid respects peoples feelings and decisions to live as they want to?

          And fatty Innes makes awful jokes about it?

          1. I think people hate him because, even when you agree with his stance, he comes off like a phony pompous douche.

          2. Fat Jolly – Live how you want- don’t throw it in my face all of the time. According to the lib logic on this page, I should be able to marry my sister or brother. No let’s hear the lib crap ” That’s not the same”. Yes it is dopes.

    2. Like “transphobia” don’t lend any merit to the mental disease he’s afflicted with.

      Just because HIS way of dealing with his mental illness is to mutilate his body doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean anyone else has to agree with it. He’s free to put himself out there, and anyone is free to mock him.

      Libs love free speech, so long as THEY agree with what you’re saying – you know, since they’re the ultimate arbiters of right & wrong anymore.

      1. You know that if you have gender identity disorder your insurance covers your hormones and stuff to transition because it works? This is how you treat it. People get mad because …well I’m not sure why I guess they’re just intolerant and think its weird even though they’re doing what they need to do to feel like themselves. And what the hell do you mean transphobia is a made up term? Every term is made up you moron.

  13. Howard’s opinion is absolutely a legitimate one, whether you agree with it or not. Bob Costas essentially said the same thing, and nobody’s calling for his head.

  14. Might not be wise to take transgender advice from a guy that wanders the Eagles sideline in a fur coat. A bit cruisey, aren’t we Howie?

  15. Uh on. Someone has an illegal opinion. You’re only allowed to speak in public if what you say is approved by moral police.

    1. Yea, being respectful of other people and not being a hateful, bigoted asshole is a real difficult thing.

      But we definitely need to respect your right to hate. K.

        1. I don’t see how being respectful and welcoming of different kinds of people is a negative thing. But then again I’m not a hateful bigot.

          1. Maybe people find it hard to be respectful and welcoming when they see someone obviously using their “new gender” as part of a publicity stunt.

          2. Liberal playbook page 17: use hateful and bigot to describe anyone who disagrees with you. By the way, of all the 1970s Olympic athletes, it’s not strange to you that the one that goes on espn dressed like a woman is the guy that’s on the kardashians?

          3. there’s a difference between accepting it and celebrating it. to argue against celebrating it does not make one a bigot.

            1. Exactly but it’s all about name-calling and bullying people into opinions these days.

              1. Exactly, people today throw out the word bigot and racist and have know idea what it even means. They are so angry with their personal lives and believe only their opinion can be true, that when you disagree with them they throw those words around to lump someone in the “hate” category to make themselves feel better.

            2. There’s no sense in even discussing this. You’re all on the wrong side of history, your opinions are meaningless.

              The country is going forward, with gays and transgenders and brown people and a lack of religion. You can either come with or start your own country. Try the Pacific Northwest. I hear it’s going to last forever.

              1. So you don’t like religious people. Which makes you a bigot. Looks like we’ve come full circle.

          4. Could you be any more arrogant?

            Relexively calling those who don’t agree with YOUR opinions “hateful bigots” is exactly the opposite of “being respectful and welcoming of different kinds of people”, you dumb fucking hypocrite.

      1. Oh I see. So if you don’t think it’s normal for a guy to want to change into a chick, then you’re a bigot? Makes sense.

  16. We have no voice any more, except 90%+ of Congress, the majority of legislators in every State, the vast majority of faces on TV, the entirety of FOX News ( before the anti-Jesus took them all to FEMA camps and murdered Murdoch) and our savior Dylan Roof of course (before he was framed). It’s like we’re slaves, except we get paid more than anyone, don’t get harassed beaten or mutilated on a daily basis, and actually have power.

    1. You know, Mike. He’s that asshole from Philly, Mike. I hate Philly, Mike. I hate everything about Philly, Mike. You know what I mean, Mike? I can’t take it anymore, Mike. I wish I still worked with you, Mike, so I could continue to say “Mike” all the time, Mike. Nice talking to you again, Mike.

  17. Hey Caitlyn,

    When you make the big news and get the Chopadickoffme operation. Give me a call. I am quite the ladies man.

  18. I must accept this. If I do not agree, I am a horrible person. I do not want to be a horrible person. I must accept this.

  19. Nothing more than a ratings grab. It’s pathetic, and shames who the award was named after. Dr Richards the tennis player came out way before it was accepted. She deserves to be honored, not Bruce.

  20. When wasn’t Eskin a total douchebag??? That would be never. He is insensitive, he is controversial, and he is also continuing on with what we already know him to be. That being said, he has a right to express an opinion. His opinion is that Jenner is a freak show, and that the award should have gone to someone else. Jenner was a freak show long before coming out as a female. The entire family on that ridiculous show is a freakshow, and if you watch it, you are part of the freakshow. The ESPY’s shouldn’t even be a thing. It exists so that high powered, unintelligent (some, not all), rich as f*ck athletes, most with an ego so big, they can’t hold their heads up, can pat each other on the back in self-congratulatory splendor. All because they can run fast, jump high and catch a ball. No different than the Oscars, the CMA’s or the Grammys. I cant friggin take much more!!!

  21. I have no or wish no ill will with Jenner or anyone in the LGBT community. Do what makes you happy it doesn’t affect me personally so why would I care? I do harbor ill will towards clown shoes that claim that everyone who isn’t in agreement with that lifestyle is a bigot or preaching hatred. That type of extreme liberalism is a mental disorder

  22. I think that Eskin is attracted to Jenner and made that statement to throw everyone off
    bet he sends “her” roses……..

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