Is Joel Embiid Just Playing with Us Now?


While Sixers fans are still waiting around for any kind of news on Joel Embiid – today, a summer Friday in between Summer League games, would be a great day to drop bad news, by the way – Embiid himself is still spewing general positivity over on Instagram. It’s the first self-described “smile” we’ve seen, but #JustBePatient doesn’t exactly have the ring to it that already more than patient Sixers fans want to hear. Just tell us something.

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16 Responses

  1. #TrustMeOrTrustTheProcess doesn’t sound good. “The Process” is take all the time necessary to get max value which in Embiids case may mean surgery and missing most of this year. If he has a different way then I’m guessing this guy is Greg Oden II and he never plays significant NBA minutes.

  2. Told you fools that Embiid is healthy.
    Let’s see if the lapdogs like Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis tell the Philly fans just how healthy Embiid really is.

  3. Anybody see the pic of him and Okafor talking? Embiid towers over him. It’s quite impressive

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