Jahlil Okafor No Longer Believes in Sasquatch

jah hand

Joel Embiid will miss approximately the next 342 games due to his lingering foot injury, so now seems like a really good time to learn more about Jahlil Okafor. And Jah stopped by the set of The Starters to let us in on what he’s really like. For example, his favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars, he used to play the tuba, he believes in mermaids, but with “all the technology we have now” it’s hard for him to believe in Sasquatch. I’d like to know what he thinks about aliens, which are definitely real, but dude can believe in whatever he wants if he can do stuff like this:


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  1. Watch him slide that pivot foot six inches left, then 4 inches back right. Gotta love the NBA.

  2. Okafor is the best thing that could have happened to the Sixers, because he’s too good to let them tank as many games as they did last year. If they can get Noel to play the Power Forward, with Sauce Castillo shooting it well, they could win 30-35 games?

    Really, they have no reason to tank this year because Sacramento will be an awful Top 5 Lottery team and they can swap picks if they want. Add on the 1st Rounders from the Lakers, Heat, and Thunder, they could have a bunch of strong young guys up and coming? Probably just best at this point to make plans without Embiid for the foreseeable future.

    The real question is, will Brett Brown stay here to coach this ‘process’ going forward?

    1. I still think their ceiling is 30 wins and that’s if everyone has a great year, this is still a very young team and is only going to get younger after next years draft. The good news is that next years draft will be pretty guard-heavy, which the sixers are in dire need of. The paint is pretty clogged as everyone knows and i like some of their wings already with Grant Thompson and Covington. Grant has the makings of an elite defender and if he can knock down an open 3 he can make a good amount of money in this league….Demare Carroll just got PAID. Covington and Thompson are already above average 3 point shooters and both not even 25 yet. I think Okafor will be blessing for this team, but he’s not appreciated now because the new fad is “small ball” from the Warriors winning. People think a guy like Okafor is extinct, but that line of thought come from there not being big men with a post game like his. Duncan, Al Jefferson and Greg Monroe come to mind but none of those guys had as refined of skills as Oak, maybe Jefferson but none of them are the load that Oak is

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