Jason Kelce is On WXPN Right Now


Not the Fanatic. Not WIP. WXPN. He’s talking football with Dan Reed and spinning some tunes. He’s obviously been hanging out with Barwin too much (Barwin is also in the studio). Listen live over here. I think he’s about to sing a song.

[h/t Hunter]

UPDATE: Kelce is covering Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” right now.

kelce singing


6 Responses

  1. Hey Jason, Paul Jolly Time Jolovitz over here.

    Are you interested in coming on my show? It’s going to be from 11pm – 1am in 3 Saturday’s from now. We’d love to have as a guest.

  2. Brown-nosing ass-kissing SOB who sucks up to management and goes on local radio to disrespect teammates and about their contract situations(which is a cardinal sin).Can’t wait to catch up with Kelce I can guarantee you he’ll be spitting teeth after I get through with him.

  3. Everything this clown does is a pathetic effort to practice for his post football WIP career. I’ve hated this guy ever since him and Nathis bullied a fan with a sign. Filthy lickspittle.

  4. I think I liked the Eagles better when the thugs and ex-cons ran the show than now with these two hipster disgraces Barwin and Kelce being the faces of the team.

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