John Bolaris Shuts down Weather Savior Because No One Was Paying $500 per Month for Customized Weather Reports, Blames Comcast


The text of that:

I want to sincerely thank my loyal followers of
Our small team made this project fun, exciting, ACCURATE, and No B.S.

However to be perfectly honest losing our partnership with was a huge blow to us as COMCAST pushed us out the door. The folks at are wonderful people who work tirelessly and loved the team work.

Sometimes when things are at their bleakest (against the ropes) great things that you never knew existed before come to you. I’m truly excited about a couple of great projects that will launch. One project you might here about, however the grand slam will remain silent until sometime this fall. ..Stay tuned…

“Its always darkest before sunrise”


From the Daily News:

The Emmy-award winning forecaster launched in May 2014. For about $500 a month, it offered weather events 24/7, with a specialty in storms.

Bolaris told me he has pulled the plug on his website because it just wasn’t making any money.

You know what? I guess I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention. I knew John Bolaris had his Weather Savior site where he posted (often accurately) storm warnings and info, and I knew there was a subscription service, but I didn’t know that subscription service was $500 per goddamn month. Surprise of the century: Weather Savior is shutting down due to not making enough money. Because maybe if J-Bo had done a SWOT analysis, he would’ve learned that someone else provides customized weather reports and they do it for FREE or for a small $1.99 one-time fee: YOUR PHONE!

“I’ve been fighting a very negative tide for years … the last few years have been hell, but the tide is changing,” Bolaris told the Daily News. “Bottom line: I’m a dad who needs to take care of my daughter and be the best provider possible. After all, I am her superhero.”

In fact, I guess you could say he’s her ……. WEATHER SAVIOR. But, you know, not now.

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    1. Sorry to hear you can’t feed your family John. And no, you are in at best average shape.

      1. Have you seen me lately? I’m a fat slob. JB looks good. I mean he’s not going to be starring in Magic Mike anytime soon but he looks good.

        Bolaris should hire Jim Adair (MBA, expected 2019?). He does a sweet SWOT analysis.

  1. The Hall of Washed up Philly Media Personalities:

    President: John Bolaris
    Vice President: Howard Eskin
    Secretary: Angelo Cataldi
    Treasurer: Larry Mendte
    Board Member: Chakka Fattah’s Wife
    Board Member: Les Bowen
    Board Member: Tony Bruno
    Board Member: Glen Macnow
    Board Member: Marcus Hayes
    Philly: [email protected] Mac’s Donald

    1. You forgot soon to add to the scrap heap Mike Miss. This town’s media personalities are awful and need a complete overhall. I mean at one point Sean Brace was allowed on the airwaves! Time to clean house and start over.

      1. Missanelli is going to give Bolaris a run for his money as president of that club of sad sacks who have no sense of self awareness.

  2. There’s just too many people who really need to check their egos at the door.

  3. Is really, really annoying.

    He sort of got a pass because he was working with Brace, who was a disaster and unfit for radio. But jesus he sucks.

    Gargano is no peach, either. But he’s got some god awful chick, his dork producer and Marks to deal with. That crew makes the WIP crew look downright professional.

  4. Isn’t there a tv station in Sioux Falls or somewhere that will hire him? If J-Bo is so committed to providing for his daughter, maybe he should swallow his pride and relocate to a less competitive market where his reputation does not precede him.

  5. It can be difficult to identify the four elements of the SWOT analysis. For example, an opportunity or a threat may not be easy to identify. Another drawback is that something that appears to one person as a strength, may actually be a weakness. In this case, Mr. Bolaris felt that $500 per month for personalized weather was a good idea. Everyone else in the world understands there not being a need to pay for something when you can get it for free.

    Mr. Bolaris should have hired me to run his Business Development now that I have some free time from Pied Piper.

  6. -Missanelli’s stock rose yesterday. Does anyone really think that Innes can carry 25 hrs a week of radio? If twitter is to be believed, Mac & Mac will be reunited for the whole next week. Ratings bump. Followed by Innes with the co-host of the week; rating nose dive. Mike has turned into Eskin, but without Bruno’s loyalist, Innes is toast.

    -Gargano has about as much business being on the air in a major market in a prime slot as Brace. He is FUCKING HORRENDOUS. Even his pre recorded commercials make the ears bleed. Blame Marks or the producer of the dopey broad all you want. They are billing it as “Gargano In The Mornings”..and Gargano sucks.

    -Cataldi and crew are a cartoon at this point just riding out the end of Angelo’s last contract. Not worth a shit.

    -Mayes and Ellis are….meh.

    -Mike and Ike are completely unlistenable.

    This is a disgrace for a market of this size.

    1. Missanelli is toast. Get over it.

      The rest of your post: spot on.

    2. In Hell, the ba$tard that runs the place has Mike and Ike on all day, and the best of on weekends. Get me outta here.

  7. If someone were to ask me, and they haven’t, I would say that Joe DeCamara was the best guy in Philly radio right now. And I’m not just saying that because I’m Joe DeCamara.

    1. Haha excellent work. Now lecture us for 20 minutes about something without taking a call.

        1. I hope you appreciate the irony of that statement coming from you, Steve Manson/Calling Bullshit/Whatever.

  8. Like it or not, bolaris probably got more tail from being a local weather guy than any other. Kudos my friend, kudos.

  9. I saw that little twerp J-Bo at the Princeton last Saturday night. He’s only about 5 feet tall, but the dude was surrounded by 5 dolls, making out with two of them as he swapped them back and forth to sit on his lap at the bar. Quite impressive.

    1. Boleros bedded down with a simian monkey in Tiffany McElroy. Together, they spawned the missing link

  10. This dude seems unstable as hell. Such a desperate sad sack who can’t accept his glory days are over.

  11. It was not $500/mo for subscribers. That was the cost for Bolaris. Correct me if I’m wrong. The site was free to access.

    1. Shhhh…..I think everyone with reading comprehension skills understands that, but let idiots like Jim “Hipster Douchebag” Adair believe Bolaris was actually charging people $500 per month for weather reports they could get free on The Weather Channel or the Weather Channel’s website, or through a free app on their smartphones…..don’t ruin this for Jim.

  12. The proper phraseology is “It’s always darkest before dawn”

  13. I’m interested to hear what exactly this $500 a month got you. Did Bolaris come to your house with a green screen and broadcast your house’s weather directly to your stupid TV? Did he stroke your head afterwards and call you his #1 handsome boy? I don’t understand this at all.

  14. Hey Jim, you have some learning to do, or reading comprehension brush ups. It isn’t $500 a month for individuals, it’s $500 a month for a WIRE SERVICE. As in media outlets subscribe and they can then publish his forecasts. Like media outlets subscribing to the AP wire service, they can then publish AP stories. subscribed to his wire service hence his anger that they are now using NBC10.

  15. OK if you love weather and need a job then go down market…Schenectady, Toledo and Chattanooga need weathermen too. If you love Philly and need a job just get one. Be a tour guide or a travel agent…no not a travel agent. Ride the Ducks.

  16. 610 WIP!!
    Talkin all Sports with the All Sports Station!!!

    See how the move to FM just messed everything up for WIP? We’re discussing a TV weather personality who hasn’t been on air for what, 6 years?

    I blame the Internet.

  17. If you give me $20 a month, I will call you personally and give you the weather.

  18. I seen John Bolaris in a bar on the Main Line the other night. I always had a big crush on him. Anyway. I went up to him and introduced myself and we started talking and I told him about my crush on him and he was very happy and thanked me. The bar was crowded and he bought everyone there a round of drinks. He bought me 3. That was very nice of him. He is such a wonderful man.

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