Jonathan Papelbon is Your Phillies All-Star


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  1. Whoever would consider buying one of those idiotic t shirts should have their teeth knocked out

    1. I wouldn’t use his all star shirt to wipe my hands after an oil change

      1. Strong words. I don’t know how this comment didn’t get censored.

  2. Boy the Phils really do stink this year. Thank God this is the season the Eagles, Chipper and Lurie finally win the Super Bowl!


  3. Odds that he gets traded before the ASG, just to ensure no Phillie is on the roster?

  4. All right. He’s got a 1.65, 14 of 14 on saves. They suck, but he’s done the job in the few chances to do it. That said, he’s a jagoff.

  5. As long as Lurie owns the Eagles they will never win a super bowl. What needs to happen is someone local has to buy the Eagles get rid of the god awful Lurie Eagles jerseys go back to the Kelly green uniforms and go from there

  6. Dude your site is fucked up. Shit won’t load, delays are brutal. Stop whoring every last clean space of the screen. If I could punch you in the face I would. Fucking stop.

    1. …..but he’s scared of sharks! Omg wow he’s so funny and unique.
      ” hey Jim I dont like sharks”
      “hey Kyle why don’t we continuously let people know you don’t like sharks even though is irrelevant to a philly sports blog .”
      “Great idea Jim!”
      ” I made a point of saying I think creed looks superb Kyle. I said the last rocky stunk. Therefor I am not a racist.”
      “Good point Jim, do you wanna buy one of my retarted tshirts that no one buys?”

    2. AdBlock Plus, son. The only ad I can’t block is the stupid questionnaire, and I just randomly pick answers to blow through it.

  7. If he wears his Red Sox underwear I’m definitely visiting him numerous times that night.

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