Kevin Smith is Definitely Maybe Filming Mallrats 2 at the Granite Run Mall


It’s a much more Delco setting that anything that was in Silver Linings Playbook, that’s for sure. Smith previously expressed interest in filming at the dead mall of Delco’s youth, but said scheduling issues may have thrown a wrench in it. Here’s to hoping that all got straightened out.


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    1. Best local indie movie was Kicking The Dog a few years ago. Blew away Clerks and everything he did on a Hollywood budget.

  1. Ellis is more boring as a host on 97.5 then the feeling of walking thru an empty mall. Does bob get higher ratings then gonzos workout video?

    1. You wanna hear boring sports talk radio,listen to the Brian Hadad show on wip at 6;guaranteed to put you to sleep faster than a line of blow up Andy Blooms’ nose.

      GO DODGERS!!!

  2. This would be great for one final thing for this mall to be remembered. All of these other comments are useless.

  3. If BoB wants to get high ratings, I know who they should hire!!!!! ME!!!!

    tHAt’s right, you’re occasional weekend late night host on WIP, Jolly Time.

    1. I have to hand it to you Jolly, watching your gullet flap around when you talk on TV is kind of hypnotic. Do you own any clothing outside of that black turtleneck and tan sport coat? Every time they have your fat ass on TV you have the same get up.

  4. That place is a dump, probably still has an arcade and ash trays on top of the trash cans.

  5. What do these writers know about what’s “Philly” or not? A bunch of white boys who grew up in the suburbs. LMFAO

      1. Shut the fuck up Your parents and everyone you knows parents are from Southwest philly and just moved to deco

  6. Some golden axe and mortal kombat @ aladdin’s castle? Grab some of that awesome pizza next door and hit on the hot chick at shapes and styles?

    That would be a boring movie.

  7. This setting is not more Delco than settings in Silver Linings. Silver Linings was filmed mostly in Ridley (and some in Upper Darby). Can’t get more Delco than Ridley. Now the MacDade Mall in Ridley, that’s Delco.

  8. Hey Kyle/Jim I hate this post, like I hate everything and everyone, and I hate that mall, and I hate all these other commentors. I hate to hate!!! I just need to express it to everyone here, so read my hate words and go f yourself cuz I hate you. [Insert witty statement to conclude post]


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