UPDATE: Mark Cuban EVISCERATES Chris Broussard


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  1. Cuban will take a minute sometimes to fry a mofo. But damn, he baked this bitch.

  2. Broussard is one of the many “personalities” that have led to my boycott of all things ESPN.

    Also, the frequent “guests” on Mike & Mike:

    Herm Edwards
    Chris Carter
    That dude that Hugh Douglas beat up and the alien that joins him
    The entire ESPN NFL broadcast lineup. (I think each of them have been arrested?)
    Screamin A

    1. Don’t forget:

      Skip Bayless
      Jemelle Hill

      That station has literally turned into a bunch of ass holes that just say things to incite a negative reaction. Pissing people off drives page views, social media posts, etc…Shitty formula really, but until people start ignoring it, it won’t stop.

  3. This is a new one for the idiots at espn. Claiming sources know more about a person than the actual person

  4. Why is this surprising? SPOOK-SARD is just following in the footsteps of his mentor SPOOK-A-SMITH, who, if you recall, WAS FIRED FROM THE INKY FOR MAKING SHIT UP INCLUDING SOURCES.
    Every fucking one of THEM is a fucking piece of shit. EVERY ONE

  5. Then again this is the same guy that felt the need to “confirm with his sources” on sportscenter that LeBron was going to the cavs after the SI article about LeBron going home was published. Him and Schefter just need to go away at this point.

  6. This is just another day at ESPN. The only reliable guy there is Schefter and usually Marc Stein. They actually give a damn about their image and credibility, while the rest of network and Espn itself has become this bastion of hot takes,shoddy reporting, exploiting people to help their own image (caitlyn Jenner) and their biased agenda towards certain cities and sports teams.

    A college buddy of mine worked there as a production assistant on some of their ” tv programs”. We were groomsmen at a wedding last year and he had now taken a job for NESN (red sox broadcast station), but he kinda explained how things work and that there are certain agendas/stances/ideology they take one being to make sure a story about Philly is done with a hint of negativity or doubt. The reason is that it will rile up the passionate Philly fanbase, and they will watch anyway because sports is such a big part of peoples lives here, almost the idea of getting people to hate watch. New York and LA most always have a positive light when talked about, Just last night i heard that fat pig Ramona Shelbourne was ecstatic that Deandre Jordan was coming back to the Clippers. Their “reporters” are pretty much paid shrills to put a spin on a lot of stories or events. He talked about “first take” and said “everybody in Bristol is embarrassed by that abortion, but it hits it’s target audience very well”

    btw, according to him
    Biggest dickheads=Stan Verrett, Chris Broussard, Cris Carter
    nicest guys=Scott Van Pelt, Michael Wilbon, John Buccigross there were more but i can’t remember
    Biggest bitches=Erin andrews from what he had heard because he never met her but said she was a huge diva and treated everyone like shit, Hannah Storm is another one he said was awful. Sage Steele and Lindsay Czarniak or whatever were the nicest females there

    1. Good, so we’re not crazy. I’ve talked about these biases with my friends for years, but you try to tell that to someone outside of Philly and their reaction is always “No you guys are just awful fans”

      1. I can see they “push” certain teams, cities, Universities, coaches, etc.
        Coach K, Lakers/Kobe, Red Sox/Yankees, MLS & British Premier League, WNBA,
        Alabama & Nick Saban, SEC Football, The Manning Family, etc.
        The list goes on…

  7. I’m disappointed to hear that Hannah Storm is a b*$!ch. She’s right in my wheelhouse…

    1. So was I !!! I don’t know what it is about Hannah Storm but she seems like a legit MILF or a realistic one, not sure how to put it. She just seems like one of those whore cougars you can find down Avalon looking to pull a one-nighter with some young stud

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