Mexico’s Head Coach May Have Punched a Journalist at Philly International Airport Today


Would you mess with this dude?

According to Mexican journalist David Medrano, Mexican national team head coach Miguel Herrera punched TV Azteca’s Christian Martinoli in the neck at the airport today and challenged him to a fight. Mexico was headed back home after winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup over Jamaica at Lincoln Financial Field yesterday, but that doesn’t mean Herrera was cheery. As writes, Martinoli had been critical of Herrera during the team’s Gold Cup run, and “he ran into the Mexico national team when he got past security at the airport.” Once around the team, he says Herrera punched him in the neck and another source said that “Herrera told Martinoli they should leave the terminal and head to the street to ‘fix this like it should be fixed.'”

After every big international event, especially those in which the U.S. does well, the question is always “Is soccer becoming more popular in the United States?” I don’t know the answer to that, but if there were more airport neck-punchings, I’d certainly pay more attention.


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    1. Don’t listen to Howard Eskin and you won’t harbor any thoughts about him anymore. There. I solved another problem.

      1. Glad no one listens to my Saturday morning show at the overpriced Ponzios when I said Cole Hamels was a prima dona

  1. The thought of millions of these illegal Mexican vermin like this coach,running rampant in our country,getting welfare and free healthcare on the working man’s dime is a disgrace.

    And the sad part is Obama wants to import more of these south of the border criminals.

    1. The really sad part is that you actually believe the bullshit that you hear on Faux News.

      1. Faux News? Why not be more original and actually debate what the commenter you replied to said as opposed to lazy catch phrases.

        1. I don’t feel the need to engage in a “debate” over whether over the top, ridiculous, racist statements are true.

          Besides, I save my best debate skills for you and Teats. 🙂

          1. Sounds like you live for it. I don’t. I don’t believe in people spouting off about hating media people in comment sections/twitter, etc. when you can just simply tune out and making shitty jokes about it on social media. It’s a form of self-abuse.

            1. Wait I thought Misogyenlli was a liberal. Am I getting him mixed up with Rev. Mikey Miss?

              Missanelli sucks.

              1. I wouldn’t consider myself a liberal. Open minded? sure, but def not liberal

              1. I was on the internet before you were probably born. 1980’s, Q-link, Commodore 64, 1200 baud modem. I’ve dealt with stupid individuals on message boards for over 30 years. You won’t be teaching me a thing about the internet. It’s what I do for a living (IT consultant).

                  1. “Wait, so you are in like your 50’s?”

                    No. In my early 40’s. But, what does that matter? You sound like a self-absorbed prick that thinks that age determines anything. Here is a little message for you. You will get older and be 43 at some point. Guess what? It will happen. Time flies brother. Will you still be an internet tough guy on Crossing Broad?

                    1. No, Bob, I won’t be in my early 40’s fighting with people on the internet.

                      We all can’t be you, Bob.

    1. sadder part is this gif and story are pulled from deadspin, same gif, same story, oh well

  2. I had a terrible nightmare last night: I died and went to hell. all it is is a round table discussion featuring Jolly, Murray from Mayfair, Phil from Mt. Airy, Brother Scott from Barrington, Shirley, Hollis Thomas, The Dirty 30, Avalon Brian, LaSalle Russ, Bernie from Broomall, Mitchie Tools, Rob Charry, Sludge, Joe DeCamra, anybody associated with the Wing Bowl, Big Daddy Graham, Shoulder Pads Sean, Angry Al, Ingy, Cowboy Dave. there were other people there like Hitler and Mussolini and Henry the VIII, but they weren’t as bad as the radio people.

    I’ve been saying the rosary ever since I woke up. I didn’t know hell was that bad.

  3. Innes just said something that I agree with 100%. “Twitter and blogs are the death of the world.” When you look at tweets on twitter and comment sections on blogs, you see where he’s coming from. People take this shit way too seriously and force jokes that aren’t there anymore.

    1. Says the man who is commenting about a radio show in the comment section of a story about Mexico’s soccer coach.

      1. Look at the top comment above about Eskin. I didn’t make it. I responded to it. I rest my case.

        Reading comprehension is really bad on this site. You guys don’t even try to do it.

        1. Ohh yea. You are right.

          I totally should have known that you were responding to the top comment on the page. I should have just ignored the 5 comments that also have their own responses in between.

          I mean, it is so obvious. And I totally see the connection about how your response is about Howard Eskin.

            1. Hey Charlie, stop worrying about me buddy and get a life yourself. Peanuts? What are you? Twelve?

          1. “I should have just ignored the 5 comments that also have their own responses in between.”

            2nd thread of my comments were about my response to “Kyle’s Keyboard Muscles” comment about “Faux News”. I responded to him without any further radio points as well.

            Where did I bring up radio?

            1. I’m sorry, I assumed you were talking about the radio when you said, “Innes just said something…”.

              I didn’t realize you were referencing a phone call you had with him.

  4. As much as I dislike “El Tri”, and considering how fortunate the beaners were even to get to the final. That crazy bastard coach of theirs is a fucking maniac, in the worst kind of way. This Journalist has been seriously busting his balls for the last month, and I’m not surprised this happened. Being at an airport, I’m sure the video will be out any day.

    I went to the game last night, it was a fucking sea of beaners and Jamaican’s (probably 70% beaner to 30%), getting absolutely blasted all day. Say what you want about the sport, but it was a major final of a tournament and was just crazy down there all day….

  5. I’ll tell you what. “Bob” will stop commenting when any of the 3 occur:

    1. This site comes up with a login process.
    2. My IP address is banned and I can no longer comment.
    3. I drop dead.

    Other than that, “Bob” will still comment and give his opinions as he deems right.

    By the way, fuck you. Stop repeating your same comments and be original, 10 commenters with 30 different handles. You are repetitive and old.

  6. What do you mean soccer isn’t popular? I thought you were a huge Tottenham “fan,” Kyle? HAHAHAHAHAH.

  7. Hey Bob, I’m done I’m work now. Can I comment on a message board now you fucking loser. Quit trying to be the message board police. People are allowed to comment on whatever they want. That’s why there is a message board. See how many comments come from the radio wars posts? Yeah people like to comment on the state of sports radio. But please continue to enlighten us on your stay at home job. We all care so much. You must be a real awesome person to be around.

    1. No. Loser. Get a fucking life. “See how many comments come from the radio wars posts?”

      That’s the problem. Why do you care? Don’t fucking listen to the hosts you dislike. What is so hard about that, tough guy?

      “You must be a real awesome person to be around.”

      Yeah, so much so that I don’t anonymously go onto an anonymous website and complain about what I heard on a radio station. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you stop listening to both sports talk stations for a week. Then you can’t complain about either on a website. Maybe your life will be improved.

      Don’t worry about what I comment on. Worry about your own being.

      1. No you just go on a website and complain about what other people are writing. Much better.

        1. Because they are fucking stupid. Why write shit on a website that hasn’t been funny in 3+ years? The commenters on this site suck and need new material.

          They know it and attack my handle because that’s all they got. Be a man and get off the gossip shit. They are the same people that talk shit about WIP not talking enough sports, listen to the station and complain daily. Same thing with The Fanatic. They complain about that station as well like a battered housewife. Enough. Complain about something else.

      2. “Yeah, so much so that I don’t anonymously go onto an anonymous website and complain about what I heard on a radio station. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you stop listening to both sports talk stations for a week. Then you can’t complain about either on a website. Maybe your life will be improved.”

        You’re not anonymous? What, are you the only Bob in the world so we all should know who you are? everybody on here is anonymous. that is why people say the shit they say. Duh!!!

  8. Bob was posting on the internet before there was an internet so show some respect, assholes.

  9. Has anyone heard about how Ray Didinger has been doing since he got out of rehab?

  10. I heard Sarah Baicker is going to measure Barrett Brooks live on air tomorrow morning. I bet he’s around 9.5 flaccid.

  11. Seriously, the only reason this site is entertaining is the comments, otherwise I’d just read Deadspin since they post 90% of these articles first. But the hypocritical, holier than thou bullshit he spews is a real downer. It was much more fun when faux Bobs would just post dumb shit under his handle so you never knew which 1 was the real idiot.

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