Nerlens Noel Broke Some Tiny Child’s Ankles, Swatted Another’s Shot

Some young smack-talker at Camp One in Louisville, Kentucky got it in his head that he should talk junk to the 6’11” Nerlens Noel. It didn’t work out so well, and you’ve really gotta appreciate Nerlens for not only making the kid fall, and not only blowing past him, but then THROWING IT DOWN. Nerlens also won’t let you beat him in knockout. Nope. Not at all.

[via Bleacher Report]

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  1. Can we not start a post with “Nerlens Noel broke”. I almost had a heart attack.

  2. I really hope Embiid is healthy. This three monsters and the white phantom shooting could spell a playoff birth this year.

  3. Am I the only one concerned by the fact that the fat white kid has thicker legs than Noel and could probably knock him off the block if he had any skills besides Nintendo?

    Dude needs to get some fucking protein.

  4. Nerlens is a professional athlete and has to take advantage of the Sixer’s top-tier weight room and training staff, he needs to bulk up.

      1. You arguably had a better rookie season than did Noel. You were solid even when you were skinny.

    1. 100% correct I remember when he hit the court last year after being here for a full I think it was 16 months after being drafted he was only 11 pounds over his college playing weight 11 goddamn pounds over 14 months with the backing of a professional coaching staff people who are getting paid to monitor the stuff are you kidding me

  5. when you gonna learn boy – the internet doesnt take a vacation

  6. CBS Sports: “Lakers agree to three-year deal with Lou Williams.”

    I lol’ed

  7. I don’t want this story blown out of proportion here but the giants might have lost their best pass rusher for a couple games

  8. Ryne Sandberg was spotted at the OD in Sea Isle. Dude was having a blast…..He did a shot and said “Thanks for the memories Philly”

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