Not to be Outdone, Sam Hinkie’s Making Trades Too


Sam Hinkie, on baseball trade deadline day, wants you to know he has no off switch … even if the deals are minor. According to a press release, “the Philadelphia 76ers today announced they have acquired forward Gerald Wallace and a draft consideration from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for power forward Jason Thompson.” What that draft consideration could be is unknown at this moment, since the Warriors don’t have a second-rounder until 2019 (according to Derek Bodner).

Wallace arrived in Golden State via the David Lee deal, and Thompson came to the Sixers in the Stauskas deal. It’s expected Wallace will be cut. We’ll have more here when more is known.


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  1. I knew Thompson wasn’t staying long. Gerald Wallace Might not stay long at all either

    1. Nick kayak F’N blows thats why he got canned in two months. WIP IS retarded

      God bless

  2. This just shows the arrogance of the Sixers. How dare they make trades when they know today is the MLB trading deadline. Will the disrespect of the Phillies ever end? First the Eagles now the Sixers. My God!

    1. You ain’t kidding. That moron was quite intoxicated. That wall a fame is a disgrace.
      2 championships since 1883 and they can’t stop honoring their ‘greats’. Stop it, you delusional douches. Fuck you, Rob Ellis.

  3. Smooth moves today Kyle. No talk of the Eagles showing up tomorrow or The Bat. It’s okay though, you did post a lot. A lot more than when you have the baby and this website will suffer drastically. Sleep now while you can buddy. Everyone says the first two weeks are the hardest. Guess again…

  4. Nothing on pat the bat drunk slurring & saying shut????
    Nothing on the logo bashing mike miss , 97.5 & the cuz on air????
    Wtf you guys doing ????

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