Notre Dame Football’s Team Motto is a Chip Kelly Quote


Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly (no relation to Chip) posted a picture of a shirt with this year’s team motto on it, and it certainly sounds familiar. Looks better in green though. You can still get the original over here.


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  1. that shirt is much better looking and is something i would actually buy

    Notre Dame should have a pretty good team this year too

  2. Jim if you have any journalistic integrity left your next blog will contain titties and lots of them. Otherwise stop posting plz, thx.

  3. Am I the only who gets hard when he hears “It’s Jolly Time”

  4. Breaking news. The University of Alabama just scored on ND again. (even after all these years, that never gets old. It was a mercy killing, an un-masking of gayo Tao).

  5. Chip is my long lost brother and he said I could use his sayings if I want.

    Irish over The Ohio State this year in the championship – bet on it.

    1. by the way – I’m not seeing a “Culture beats scheme” t-shirt on cb store?

      culture beats kyle!

  6. Not surprising. ND will claim Chip stole it from them.

    Irish fans are like Cowboy fans. “They were the team I got to watch all the time.” “I liked the gold helmet when I was a kid.”

    If you are an Eagle fan who hates Cowboy fans, but you like ND- you are a fraud (unless you went there).

  7. Culture beats scheme. Except for when a rapist-led woman-abusing team beat our culture a few years ago.

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