NPR Talks ‘4th and 26’

Need some rainy day listening? Here’s NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour,” taking on sports in a new segment called “Giant Foam Finger,” with an Eagles fan and Packers fan discussing Freddie Mitchell’s famous ‘4th and 26’ catch. Depending on which side of fandom you’re on, they describe it as “either an amazing against-all-odds triumph of the human spirit or a soul-crushing debacle that’s seared into our worst nightmares.” We Eagles fans are on the more enjoyable side of that. So if you want to hear a Packers fan’s story about bashing his fists into the carpet until he’s light-headed, click play above.


4 Responses

  1. Jim, I know you are a blogger and your job is to search the internet high and low looking for stories to write about. I would like an actual response by you, the author, to this question:

    How did you find this and why should I care?

    1. How do you think he found it? You lose your hipster card if you don’t listen to—or at least pretend to listen to—NPR.

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