Pete Mackanin Thinks If We Stop Talking about Cole Hamels Being Traded He’ll Play Better so He Can Be Traded

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Leading into the All-Star Break, Cole Hamels went on the mound in San Francisco and had – by some metrics – the worst start of his career. Was he just feeling off? Were the Giants just hitting him well? Is he exhausted of pitching for this terrible team? Who knows? Well actually, Pete Mackanin knows:

“There’s a lot going on, and it affected him. But I know he’s much better than that. I mean, who knows, he may be pressing knowing the trading deadline is coming around and there are so many little things that players think about that you can’t control.”

One bad start does about as much damage to Hamels’ trade value as one great one would do good for it – very little – but maybe Mackanin is right. If we all stopped talking about an impending Hamels trade, maybe Cole would stop thinking about it. And if he’s not thinking about it, it won’t mess with his pitching. And then he won’t have any more outings this bad, and it won’t be on the minds of people, so he’ll be so much easier to actually trade. It’s the perfect plan.


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  1. “Leading into the All-Star Break, Cole Hamels went on the mound in San Francisco and had – by some metrics – the worst start of his career.”

    Your hyperlink to “metrics” led to a picture of a box score tweeted out by Ryan Lawrence. That’s not a metric, idiot. It’s a simple box score. Your lack of baseball knowledge is appalling.

  2. Fuck him that pussy. he had a chance to get out (trade to Toronto) and vetoed it. Fuck you Hamels.

  3. Cole Hamels has the second highest “Pitches per start” number at 105.6 per start on avg. He has the fourth highest pitch count in MLB which is odd for an NL pitcher to begin with. The top 11 are all AL pitchers and Cole Hamels.

    The dude is being abused for being on the market imo. He’s probably gassed.

  4. The poor guy is just worn out by pitching his ass off for a lousy team. Did you see Franco’s play on the grounder to him with the bases loaded and no outs? The play is at home dummy. Cole was visibly upset in the dugout after the inning ended.

  5. Wah wah. Dude, you’re a professional pitcher. If you’re sad, quit.

    Hamels is barely over .500 for his career. He pitched on teams that won 100+ games during that time. Sack up and pitch.

    I hope the Phillies keep him forever so I can watch him fade away.

    Boo hoo

    1. Pop-Pop,

      Is that you citing pitcher wins as an evaluation of how good a pitcher is performing?

  6. If Cole was a tree in a forest, and he suddenly pitched a complete game shutout, would anyone notice? Would he still command a Mookie Betts or a Blake Swigart in a trade with the Sox? Damn straight since Clay Buchholz is now on the shelf. Ruben holds the aces, now will he play or fold?

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