Phillies All-Star Jonathan Papelbon Would Still Rather not be a Phillie

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Papelbon is the Phillies’ only All-Star, but he’d rather not be the Phillies’ anything. For the last year or so, Paps has been letting everyone know he’d rather be traded and play for a contender, and being named to the All-Star team hasn’t stopped that at all. According to Ryan Lawrence, Paps passed up the chance to talk about being an All-Star in order to talk about not being a Phillie:

“I would be surprised [not to be traded],” Papelbon said. “Yeah, that would be a pretty valid answer.”

Is it fair to say he’d be disappointed, too?

“Yeah, I would say so,” Papelbon said.

Papelbon repeatedly said it’s on the Phillies front office, which committed to a rebuild this winter, to make a deal happen.

“I don’t make these decisions,” Papelbon said. “The front office knows where my heart is and where my mind is. And that’s to be with a contending ballclub. The ball is in their court, so to speak.”

When he actually did talk about the All-Star game, Paps gave a nice, human answer about his kids being older and getting to experience Fan Fest and all that. But then, he totally squandered all of his niceness by reminding everyone that he’s still Jonathan Papelbon. When asked if this could be his last memorable moment in a Phillies uniform, something he obviously cares very little for, Paps admitted he’s confused: “You know what? Honestly I don’t know what to think anymore. I don’t. I don’t know how to really answer that.”

And if he gets his way, he won’t have to answer it much longer. Thankfully. For all of us.


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  1. Why does does it upset people that Papelbon doesn’t want to play for the Phillies? I surely wouldn’t want to play for this shit team with incompetent management.

    1. Well said, can’t blame the guy at all. He has no connections to Philadelphia, just came to the highest bidder when he was a free agent a few years ago, since baseball is a business. I have no problem with him wanting to be on a contender, isn’t the main goal in the game to win championships?

  2. I get that the point of your article is just to mention this and not to judge him for this but who can blame him. I don’t understand people like Chase who do NOT want to be traded. I guess he realizes his career is over and he just doesn’t have the competitive fire anymore.

  3. I heard a report Abby Wamback walked naked into a Wawa in Delran.

  4. Does anyone still give a rat’s ass about this clown? We all know he wants to be traded and we all want him to be traded.

  5. Our lawyers will be in touch regarding your misappropriation of our TABASCO sauce logo without acknowledgement or payment.

  6. Paps is one of the few guys willing to speak what he truly thinks. Any media person who calls him out on thst is a hypocrite. Spare us your faux outrage Jim, I’ll take a guy like Pap who does his job really well and whose teammates love him every day of the week. This same site is run by a guy who doesn’t even follow the Phillies, yet rips them for everything and now we need to hear from you how Paps is so bad because he says what your boss writes? Totsl hypocrites and the worst kind, uninformed hypocrites.

    1. I really want to become a cool nickname guy (like you). Is it Paps or Pap?

      By the way …the majority of his teammates think he is a tool bag.

      Don’t try so hard.

      1. I’ve actually heard that he’s been a great mentor to a lot of younger guys in the clubhouse. I’ve never really understood all the Papelbon hate. He’s always been an odd egg but can you imagine seeing the door closing for good on your career and spending those last years on a sinking ship like this?

  7. There’s all this radio wars stuff going on and these 2 lazy neanderthals and writing about the crappy Phillies and even crappier Sixers.


  8. Why do people make up stories about me? Get over it Philadelphia.

    And Sean Brace – I live right down the street from you – I know when you are talking smack about me, just be a man and say it to my face. I don’t even know you, so I am not sure why you have anything to say about me.

    1. Yea, i wouldnt worry much about Brace. Who is he talking smack about you to? The drunks at Pitchers Pub? The 6 people that watch his little youtube videos?

  9. Of course he doesn’t want to be on this team. The last years of his career are being wasted.

  10. If Papelbon wants out so badly, why doesn’t he give up his $13 million vesting option for 2016 and make it easier for other teams to acquire him. Put your money where your big mouth is, sunshine.

  11. You can see by his “comment”, that it was actually an answer to a direct question about being traded. This is hack journalism at it’s lowest.

    “I would be surprised [not to be traded],” Papelbon said. “Yeah, that would be a pretty valid answer.”

    I would want to be traded too btw. This team is horrible. Thanks RUBE!

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