Phillies Sign Jhailyn Ortiz, Beefy 16-Year-Old Dominican with Huge Power Potential

Major League Baseball’s international signing period is open, and the Phillies have acquired themselves a super-beefy 16-year-old who could be their power-hitter of the future. His name is Jhailyn Ortiz, and he’s rich now:

“Last night, the Phillies announced that they had come to an agreement with 16-year-old Dominican slugger Jhailyn Ortiz.

In the news release, the team referred to the 6-3, 240-pound righthanded-hitting Ortiz as a rightfielder. But many in the industry believe he’ll eventually wind up as a first baseman.

Terms of the deal were not released, but according to last week – when the two sides had a handshake agreement on the first day of the international signing period – the contract could be as much as $4.2 million.”

Ortiz’s highlight clips on YouTube are mostly still shots of the batter’s box as he takes cuts, but if hearing the crack of the bat is your jam, it doesn’t get much purer than this:

According to Ryan Lawrence, “Baseball America recently rated Ortiz’s power tool a “70” on the 20-80 scouting scale.”

“Consensus among scouts is that the raw power Ortiz shows as a 16-year-old is rarely seen on the international market, and the rest of his game is not far behind,” said’s Jesse Sanchez. “Think Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder. Now, imagine them as teenagers and hitting from the right side of the plate.”

And remember that trade the Phillies made last week, acquiring the #1 international signing slot for some minor league arms? That helped them immensely:

“In addition to Ortiz, the Phillies also announced agreements with Venezuelan catcher Rafael Marchan and two more Dominican players, infielder Kuedy Bocio and lefthanded pitcher Manuel Silva.

Last weekend, the Phillies widened their budget for international signing by completing a trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Phillies sent minor league pitchers Chris Oliver and Josh Taylor to Arizona, along with the ninth overall international signing slot, in exchange for the No. 1 overall international signing slot.

The trade gave the Phillies more than an additional $1.5 million to spend during the international signing period, which allowed them to sign Ortiz without incurring a penalty that could have affected them for the next two years. Any team that exceeds their pool by 15 percent or more cannot sign a player for more than $300,000 during the next two signing periods.”

So not only did the Phillies make solid strides towards their future, but they also made some moves that made… good financial sense? It truly is a new era for Phillies baseball. Or, at least, it will be. Maybe.

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29 Responses

  1. “The deal includes a guaranteed $50 million and full no trade clause”–Rube


  2. i can only imagine how fat this kid will get now that he has some FU money to walk around with…

  3. Izzy: Hey Josh, I’m a Holocaust survivor.
    Josh Innes: Oh, ok. Hmmm. (thinking)
    Izzy: Yes. It was rough.
    Josh Innes: You know who wasn’t that bad, Hitler. He hasn’t!
    (30 minutes of trolling later)
    Andy Bloom: You’ve just been had by the best in the business, Josh Innes. *snorts coke*

  4. Lol, of the future. Here’s my theory, kids. He sits in the minors till he’s 26, gets called up once, stinks, gets sent back down, gets injured, heals, gets traded, becomes a household name.

    Am I close?

    1. You forgot to mention how this causes Ruben the 3rd to shut down their entire international scouting system for the Phillies. After all, international players are a fad, like that advanced analytics program they dropped in 2016 because it failed to help produce a winner.

    2. Except there is a good chance that he’s already 26. And his real name is Bandito Banditos.

  5. Josh Innes will be our mc for the world masterbation championship at the sugar house casino this weekend! Oh did we also mention he is a contestant? Good luck finding it with your big fat gut blocking your view!

    Andy Bloom will be tending the glory holes in the bathroom at the main entrance. Look for Bob in there! He will be mowing down the competition!

    1. Keep listening to my show so you can post every 5 minutes about how much you hate me.

  6. This news is a week old. You are late. Why does this blog talk about John Bolaris and not CED THORNTON ELITE NFL DE!?

  7. You too can get signed up to be an Uber driver today

    1. If I sign up to drive for Lyft do I have to put a pink mustache on my car?

  8. watched the video a couple of time. Damn, for 16 that kid has a swing. Hands right, no crazy-ass head movement, pretty good footwork (maybe less left leg in the air, but he was showing off). That said, that mule ain’t gonna see a minute in the outfield.

  9. My genius prevented me from spending $60 million for a back end AAA starter from Cuba. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez only cost $12 million, a bargain. Money well spent on a questionable tripIe A pitcher. I’m the only GM in baseball who found the only player from Cuba who sucks. I’m moving from the Cuban cigars that suck to the Dominican cigars that suck. I’m going to trade Cole Hamels for two Tommy Josephs and one Phillippe Aumont. Kiss my ass you haters.

  10. A 18 year old can NOT make a binding contract. He has no legal capacity. He can keep the Phillies money and play for the Mets there is not a damn thing anybody could do about it.

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