#PhillyChase: Dude in Giants Jersey Completely Shakes Philly Police D Crossing Over Broad

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From NBC 10:

Officials say the suspects are wanted for armed robbery in Oaklyn, New Jersey. The suspects, who are in a white van, led police on a chase from I-95 in Philadelphia to I-295 in New Jersey before heading into Deptford Township.

At one point the suspects drove into the parking lot of the Deptford Mall before continuing on Route 42 North. They then drove on I-676 into Camden before heading onto the Ben Franklin Bridge back into Philadelphia. After continuing through Old City they then went back onto I-95 south.

And it was on 95 South, by the stadiums, that he absolutely shook police with this incredible stutter step-juke combo– that’s R1 and right stick on your PS 4 controller. This, THIS is how you cross Broad:


Police eventually caught and flipped him in New Jersey [UPDATE: By the airport, sorry] where it was revealed that the driver was wearing what looked to be a Tiki Barber (or Landon Collins?) Giants jersey. Poetic.


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    1. I know that guy it’s Sean from Pine Hill aka the New York Giants fan,who used to call the Johnny Marks/Sean Brace show on 97.5 the fanatic.

  1. I guess so Rodney King reenactment on this white guy. City cops gotta save their energy for the next black guy they beat to death for stealing ramen noodles.

      1. Nice excuse, but they been the black people on camera.

        I’m white by the way

        1. They’ve been beating the black people on camera*** damn these typos.

          1. Just admit it, you’ve been refreshing every couple minutes to see if you got any good responses….

            “I’ll really get these guys going if I post about police brutality!”

          2. Dude, your takes are hotter when you don’t have to follow up by cleaning up your mistakes. You can take a second to spell-check your very important thoughts on this, we’ll wait.

        2. No one cares that you are white, troll. But you did prove that morons come in all shades.

          1. I didn’t people to assume I was just saying it as a pissed off black guy. Fuck you, baby-dick.

            1. Honey, can you type one comment that is literate? You’re giving white people everywhere a bad name.

              1. I guarentee I’ve recieved a superior education to yours. White trash.

                I’ve typo’ed 2 or 3 times in many comments because I’m multitasking & have corrected each one. Suck a dick.

                1. Relax, fella. Your hearts in the right place, but your coming off as tight-assed as the frightened, racist, right-wing “Christians” who hate black people but jerkoff to black players’ fantasy football stats. Such small-minded, sheltered, pricks frequently comment on this site. Be careful of the company you keep…

                  1. Your pseudo-intellectualism doesn’t work when you start calling people “baby dick” and “cum dumpster”.

    1. Why waste time beating them? Give them enough time they end up wiping each other out anyway.

      Added bonus: since it’s black on black crime, the race hustlers like AL and Jesse don’t care enough to protest, so everybody wins!!!!!

      1. Hey, the wrong thread. The skinhead neo-conservative thread is elsewhere. Fucking moron.

      2. Croydon, this is funny and yet so true. It’s doofuses like PBIC that refuse to acknowledge that most crime, and certainly most violent crime is committed by coloreds. But it’s always the poor innocent black man that’s being picked on by the po po. News flash: police just don’t pick innocent dudes at random and just start beating them.

        1. The majoroty of crime, especially drug and ciolent crime, is tied to poverty. It’s a direct result of poverty. Whichever ethnic group is entrenched in poverty is more likely to engage in the crime, and then cause a stereotype for everyone else in their ethnicity. Blacks, hispanics, irish catholics, italian-americans, have all at one still/are still, the ethnicities living is impoverished situations and turning the crime. Easier for those white ethnicities to assimilate over time, however. Sociological facts, but I assume you don’t read books for academic purposes, just conservativetribune.com so you can wack off to other sub-human conservative pricks like yourself.

          1. Violent crime* … Have all at one time/are still the ethnicities living….***

            Typos. My bad.

            1. You really are checking this website every two minutes to see if you got a response…

              1. Emails. I get e-mails. With a link to the comment. And it’s fun insulting white trash… for the moment.

          2. Sorry buddy, but it’s not a “direct result” of poverty. It doesn’t help but the number one cause of people becoming criminals is parenting and their upbringing, no matter the race.

          3. Yoo dude. It’s majority not majority. Your typo excuse is bullshit. You are just stupid and do not know how to spell. What school did you go to? It must not have a very good repatation.

    1. Please don’t give him any cred. he’s another tool that calls both stations and thinks he’s a superstar. uggh

  2. Watched this driving back to UPS in my truck They were on the other side and I couldn’t figure out wtf there were all these cops surrounding the van, seemed like if they wanted to take him they could have sooner. This was at 8:10 or so .

    1. Now lookee here! He looks very upset……I don’t know what he gon be doin……He just sittin around lookin like he be very nervous!

  3. Well at least he’s a hottie pattottie! I sure do love a man in a giants uniform.

  4. Actually had this guy speed past me in Old City last night; by speeding, I mean cruising at a cool 30mph.

    Was still pretty crazy to see.

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