#PopeProblems: SEPTA Will Hold a Lottery for Pope Passes

septa lottery

SEPTA, who previously had some serious issues selling their Pope Passes online, finally came up with a solution: an online lottery. The lottery – which sounds like a terrible last-minute make-up idea – will be run by Ticketleap and hosted by Amazon.com. The lottery will be open for 24-hours “so there is no reason to rush the site,” a release warns, from 12:01 AM on August 3rd until 11:59 PM that evening. There will be a lottery entry form on SEPTA’s website, where the entrant can pick their station of choice, timeframe, day, and enter how many passes they want (up to ten each day).

pope pat

Ticketleap will then try to weed out duplicate entries or “suspicious” ones (aka scalpers). From there, winners will be selected and notified on August 6th, when they can purchase their passes.

Yeah, this is definitely better than having a working website.

Kyle: The secondary market for these is going to be OFF THE CHARTS.


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  1. None of this applies to you bozos.

    One of you is a dork hipster who probably travels on his scooter to his eco-friendly hemp class and back to his pop up beer garden playing alt music. The other is a middle aged white dude from the suburbs who thinks he’d get shot if he ventured north of Spring Garden.

    Both of you aren’t in that cult where the old dude wears a dress and murmurs to himself while worshiping a poorly translated book of fables from thousands of years ago.

  2. If you don’t like what they do, just don’t go to Mass. There, your problem is solved!
    Have you gotten a job yet?

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