Updated Report: Ben Revere Traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for Two Pitchers


For a second it looked like Ruben Amaro would break the deal on camera during his press conference, but Todd Zolecki is reporting that Ben Revere will be traded to the Blue Jays. We’ll have more on this as it comes in.

UPDATE: Jim Salisbury is hearing (confirmed by Ken Rosenthal) that the Phillies got two pitchers in return: Jimmy Cordero and Alberto Tirado. Tirado is ranked as the Blue Jays’ 9th best prospect by MLB.com. Cordero isn’t in the top 30 on MLB.com.


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7 Responses

  1. I know baseball and the Phillies should have gotten the #1 and #2 prospects for Revere. I have been on the internet since the 70’s before Kyle and Jim were born and still can’t find the button to close crossing broad from my browser.

  2. First Cole Hamels remained the Blue Cross “Phillie of the Week”, then we see a SEPTA commercial, and lo and behold, there is Ben Revere, who comes on just before the Phanatic. SEPTA should run different ads until Revere can be edited out, substituted by more Phanatic or an actor.

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