Report: Joel Embiid Actually Did Re-Break His Foot and the Sixers May In Fact Be Full of Sh*t

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A week or so ago, when word broke that Joel Embiid would miss the entire upcoming season, I (and other non-doctors on Twitter) thought something seemed off. Per a Sixers press release when news of his setback broke, a routine CT scan on Embiid’s foot “[revealed] less healing than anticipated, an unexpected result since Joel was not experiencing any foot pain.” As a result, it’s been decided that surgery is needed, which will force Embiid to miss the upcoming season.

This morning, in a piece about the Sixers’ likely (slight) improvement this year, Bob Cooney grabbed a shovel and buried the lede:

Of course, there is the impending surgery on Joel Embiid’s right foot, which should be any day. Sources have confirmed to the Daily News that the navicular bone in his right foot was rebroken.

Under Scott O’Neil’s regime, the Sixers, for all of their shadiness and shadowy-figure … ness, have always told the truth. They’ve been very upfront about the team they put on the court being bad. They’ve been honest about the promise of future valuable picks outweighing the impact of certain current players. But this? If Cooney’s sources are correct, the Sixers outright lied. The fan base that has so rabidly gone along with all of their moves in the name of “the process” would have a right to be pissed.

As Kyle said in a previous post – about the Sixers’ messaging of the setback – “now that we’re facing the downside of the risk-reward platter, it will be in the Sixers’ best interest to be extremely forthcoming with updates.”

It’s like LOST. The producers, in the midst of fan questions and demands for answers, assured fans that they knew what they were doing and that they weren’t lying. We were told to trust them. Well, it turned out that they did lie – or at least go to great lengths to cover the truth – and maybe made the whole thing up as they went along. We all know how that turned out.

Dr. J said this was a seven-year plan. If the Sixers’ rebuild Season 7 looks anything like LOST Season 6, you’ll wish they just gave up now.

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17 Responses

  1. This fucking dude will never play in the nba. Love how he delayed surgery to buy hookers in Vegas. No need for him to be out there

  2. This fucking dude will never play in the nba. Love how he delayed surgery to buy hookers in Vegas. No need for him to be out there . $ for nothing & chicks on hinkie

  3. I have never trusted Scott O’Neill the day he was first interviewed on Comcast. He’s a shady car salesman who is very unlikeable and resembles the days when the Eagles used to trot out Joe Banner for their PR campaign during training camp.

    But I did get annoyed with my fellow Hinkie backers when they thought the Sixers were using this Embiid injury as a smokescreen for the draft, and that is when I worried they were drinking too much kool aid.

    The Sixers should have just told the truth from day one because most of the fanbase is on board and we’re used to this type of stuff by now.

    I honestly don’t even think about Embiid in our long term plans anymore, as even if he comes back healthy, who knows if he can even last a season? The best thing to happen to us is the Lakers passing on Okafor and we atleast have our front court for the next few years, and just have to build our backcourt threw Free Agency and the Draft.

  4. Give me a break. No team out there is giving the public anything close to the truth – not that they should, not that they could, plain and simple they just won’t. Sixers are no different, get a clue. The medical world is just like any other, confusing as shit on purpose with the dozens of different terms they can use to explain the same thing; it’s sprained, strained, pulled, hyper-flexed, blah blah blah. They can spin whatever really happened with whatever they reported after the fact, every team does it. Hell, every player does it!O’neil and his minions have one goal, maximize the value of the franchise so they can sell high. That’s it! Whatever they think they ‘need to say’ or spin whatever it they ‘want to say’, nothing that comes out of that office is going to be the truth – same as every major sports franchise. Sixers may be “full of shit”…pulitzer prize stuff Jim, keep up the groundbreaking developments!

  5. I’ve had stress fractures in my feet a few times, and in all honesty sometimes they barely hurt depending on the location and severity. That being said, I still think the Sixers are full of shit, about Embiid and many other things.

  6. Wonder how he broke it… Was it the awful disco dancing he was doing? Or that foot scooter thingie? Or maybe the between the legs dunk exhibition? Certainly wasn’t basketball-practice-related – they wouldn’t let him do that… They should just void his contract and let him pay his own damn medical bills.

  7. I was on board with the tanking. They have zero to show for the 1st yr of tanking. Embiid who gets injured just by sneezing and Saric if he is in his right mind will stay where he’s at and avoid this mess. Once MCW was traded and Brett Brown looked like he got stabbed in the back for all the work he put in on him. I was done. Won’t buy tickets but they don’t care or watch or buy any 76ers hats. I know this is the way to rebuild in the NBA today. But I am out

      1. By the looks of the arena about 15,000 people agree with me. The feeling is mutual I don’t want you as a owner. That’s the 1st thing “owners” go for ripping a fan for pointing out the truth. Nice going Dolan why not tell me to get drunk or I have a alcohol problem.

      2. In the winter Comcast Sports Net could put on a test pattern and get higher ratings then the 76ers. Also I am not sure I want to pay a Quarter on stub hub for a entire row there. I can say glad you have a Seventy year plan.

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