Report: MacPhail/Gillick Put the Kibosh on a Papelbon Trade Proposed by Ruben

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Part of the reason the Phillies felt the need to bring in new leadership – and why they’ll eventually replace Ruben Amaro – is because the team has grown stagnant. There have been no substantiative changes to improve and rebuild the club. But, Ruben is still, it would seem, trying?

According to Jayson Stark, Amaro was talking to a handful of clubs about Jonathan Papelbon last month, but the powers that be pulled back on a potential deal. “Pulled back, in that they never got a deal done after pushing hard initially,” Stark said in another tweet. “Sounds like they wanted to wait for MacPhail hiring.”

Pulling back on a deal until they got the guy they wanted in charge is a good idea, but whatever offers and deals were possibly in place are probably gone now, and the Phils will likely have to lower their expectations on a return, assuming they weren’t just getting a bag of balls to begin with.

Kyle: Totally agree. Waiting on MacPhail, who is supposed to be just a semi-interested observer for the rest of the season, to make a move is understandable but also counterproductive. At this point, even the Phils have to acknowledge that Ruben has all but ruined the trade values of most of his assets. Papelbon has some left, so just pull the trigger already. Do something. Anything. And do something while we’re waiting.


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  1. Hamels is the only player on this roster that will get you anything of value, and that isn’t even a slam dunk. Remember the Halladay trade and how we didn’t want to give up on our can’t miss prospect Kyle Drabek? The Blue Jays essentially got nothing for Halladay when it was all said and done.

    Just take what you can for these guys (except Hamels) and go with the young kids in 2016 and see who we want here in the long-term. By 2017-18 you will have an idea of who is going to be a part of this team long-term and you can start to fill in the other spots through free agency because you will have alot of money come off the books in 2017.

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  2. Honestly, they probably just wanted to wait so he could represent them in the all star game, lest they be represented by Odubel Herrera instead

        1. Got a new show idea. Ike and Beasley Reese for 5 hours talking football. Just got to get Merrill on board to translate.

    1. I heard Jon Dorenbos pounded it out while Brent was working on his blocking technique.

  3. Nothing on the young flyers in stone harbor???
    You should have saw all the puck bunnies salivating over them . Pathetic

  4. if anyone has heard of who may be the top prospect coming out this year? now that the Phils are probably going to draft #1, is there anyone out there? As much as I can’t stand Harper, wouldn’t mind seeing someone like that coming to the Phils……

    1. Sports Illustrated has a preview of the 2016 draft class available on their website. Their top five are all pitchers with University of Florida LHP A.J. Puk at number one. They also have Riley Pint, a high-schooler who can touch 97mph, ranked number two.

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  6. Josh is with Glen today and basically it’s all Josh. Top of the 2pm hour Josh goes on many people around here think I’m going fail. Awkward moment when Jody says it’s not me. Then Josh takes a call who says everyone talks to much. They let guy talk on the phone for about 11 minutes. The guy would make a point and Josh would stay silent. Then the guy went on a rant about former Italian radio hosts who no longer work there. He was trying to say the station got rid of them including MM. It was classic!!

    1. I got out of my car right when that guy started saying Josh talks too much and then Josh asks the guy to tell him what his job title is, i thought that old dude was pulling a prank call at first.

      As for the phils I would try to trade Hamels to the Yankees for either Aaron Judge (OF) or Gary Sanchez(Catcher), both are near or close to their top prospects and i don’t think the Yankees would be willing to give up both, let alone one of them would be tough, both guys fill a position of need on their roster

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