Report: Papelbon Traded to the Nationals for Minor League Pitcher Nick Pivetta

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Jim Bowden got so owned last deadline that he had to delete his account, so I held off on reporting any of this as actual fact until someone else confirmed – which took a while – but Jonathan Papelbon is seemingly on his way to the Nationals. The two clubs had to work out Papelbon’s role with his new team (closer) and the financials of next year (taking millions less, thought guaranteed, to leave the Phillies), but it looks like they hammered the deal out.

UPDATE: According to reports, the Phillies will acquire Nick Pivetta. Pivetta was described by the Washington Post as “a 6-foot-5 right-hander from Canada … [and] the No. 10 prospect in the system by Baseball America.” They continued, saying he isn’t “flashy” but “throws his fastball in the low-90s … commands it to both sides of the plate well, and his new curveball has improved.”


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  1. They didn’t trade papelbon. This report is incorrect. That’s why you have to wait to confirm otherwise you end up looking like an asshole

      1. No they didn’t.
        Did you hear Lebron James was killed in a car accident tonight?

        1. But they did. They got back Philippe Aumont v2.0 – a little more control, a little less Quebec. Good times.

  2. Just a few days ago, someone’s “source” (maybe Stark) said there was no way Papelbon would go to the Nationals. Also, I didn’t expect much for Papelbon and it seems like that’s the case.

  3. It’s hard to say anything decent about this crotch grabbing jackass, but the boy has done his job this year. 1.6 era, 17 of 17 on saves. OK, he’s pitched less than 40 innings, still. What do you want him to do? Save kittens from burning buildings while shitting roses?

    1. Exactly. Some writer called Papelbon the Phillies’ biggest mistake. I don’t see it. He may have been unnecessary. But trading four prospects for Pence, then trading Pence for nothing when he was under team control was a much bigger mistake.

  4. It’s a super hot day out here. Wearing my short shorts so my nut sack shows. Hey guys, anybody else think Marlon Anderson makes tommy Greene look like Noel Coward?


    1. With all these wins, they are still 25 games below .500 and the worst record in MLB, but sure, they are making a move towards the wild card.

  6. Is that crazy Ish that keeps calling the fanatic getting paid by Bloom and Innes ?

    1. I heard that today with Mike Miss, that guy was creepy, what’s his deal?

  7. Say what you what about me, but I’m the only one on this sorry-ass team that’s going to end up on a plaque in upstate New York. Including Pretty Boy Cole.

  8. I cut meat at a butcher’s shop at 10th and Shunk when I’m not wallowing in anonymity for the Harrisburg Senators, and I just got traded for a Hall of Famer. Thank Christ for Ruben Amaro…….

  9. mcw was traded to wip for a big daddy “last call” dvd and a bag of headphones.

    1. My god do I hate Big Daddy Graham. Starting to hate Brian haddad just as much.

      1. Ready for a little Quizzo, Tim? What useless “comedian” has been telling the same jokes about the Jersey Shore since 1977? How many times has a certain “comic” claimed that this is the LAST performance forever of Last Call, only to have it reappear? Named the alleged comedian that has appeared at the annual Kenso Wing Bowl with his saggy, waffly looking ass bared to the crowd? What failed funnyman has attempted to pass on his genetically unfunny brand of humor to his apparently talentless offspring? Quick – how many times has a certain radio turd wished Happy Birthday to Tom Bigby? Okay, Tim, you’re in the hopper for a WIP prize pack … two tickets to Last Call and a completely blank DVD entitled “Funniest Lines From Big Daddy Graham.”

      2. I have hated Brian Haddad for months now. He is Josh Innes lite – not funny at all and tries to come across as some player with the women. What happened to sports people on this station?

  10. Amaro “look, between us GM’s, I kind of need this one – I got no chance of keeping my job next year around here if I don’t win these trades”
    Nats GM “I mean, I get it Stooge, er Rube…but you kind of earned that yeah?”
    Amaro “plead the fifth, but tell me this….do you want somebody with intelligence running this ship or me pretending to know what I’m doing!?!”
    Silence….. Rube almost says something but for the first time in five years he has a good idea and follows it and let’s the silence continue.
    Nats GM “Ok, what are you offering?”

    1. The crybaby got put in his place by Paps and couldn’t handle it.

      1. because if you listen to the other relief pitchers, they thought he was a good guy who helped them out.

    1. MCW has the pulse of social media. As soon as she stops playing with her Barbie dolls and playdoh set she will let you know.

  11. Papelbon took millions less and demanded he get to run in the Presidents’ Race every night. Teddy Roosevelt watch your back!

  12. This was a brutal trade as always with the phillies. They can never make a good trade that why they sux

  13. Bad trade. Pap is the games best closer. The Phils will make a run at this once chase is full bore. We will regret not having pap come playoff time.

  14. Damnit… now i have to take the turnpike from Harrisburg to Reading…. is there even a worse place to end up than Harrisburg? Oh yeah, READING!

    1. Al’s is still right across the parking lot from the stadium. Better than City Island.

  15. A likely-to-vest $13 million option for next season was a sticking point in trade discussions. Papelbon and the Nationals negotiated a guaranteed deal for next season – Fox Sports reported it was worth $11 million – instead of the $13 million option for 2016 the closer would have triggered by finishing 14 more games.

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