Report: Your Best Cole Hamels Offer is Due Tomorrow, Ruben Will Have them Graded by Friday

Photo Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jayson Stark, Ruben Amaro is setting mid-week deadlines like that tenth grade teacher you never liked.

“The Philadelphia Phillies have told several teams interested in acquiring Cole Hamels that they’d like to get their ‘best’ offers by Wednesday,” Stark reported. “The team would then make a decision about where — and whether — to trade him.” The teams involved include the Dodgers, Rangers, Cubs, Giants, Astros, Diamondbacks, Yankees, and Red Sox. Sounds great, right? Well: “In the case of about half of that group, the Phillies initiated those talks in an attempt to reopen discussion about players whom those clubs had said previously they’d be unwilling to trade.” Classic Ruben. That no-hitter premium has been inserted back into the price.

A surefire deadline is a good thing though. If teams get their best offer into the Phils by, say 4 PM tomorrow, that only gives Amaro and his compatriots 48 hours to totally muff it.


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  1. You totally underestimate the value of my genius. I’m in negotiations with a possible trade with the Giants. I won’t trade Cole unless a deal for Hunter Pence is involved. I know, it took me two years to realize the huge mistake I made, but a Cole for Hunter swap would be good. At least I can clear the stench of that Tommy Joseph for Hunter Pence trade.

  2. It’d be fantastic if they could get some decent prospects out of this, but I don’t even think he’s worth trading…not with Rube behind the wheel.

    Can’t wait to see our next Phillipe Aumont, Tyson Gillies or Tommy Joseph…YAY!


  3. “Classic Ruben. That no-hitter premium has been inserted back into the price.”

    Yeah. Silly Ruben. How dare he demand top prospects for his ace pitcher? He must trade Hamels at all costs and take whatever they can get, because the media demands it.

    “If teams get their best offer into the Phils by, say 4 PM tomorrow, that only gives Amaro and his compatriots 48 hours to totally muff it.”

    Gillick and Middleton, as well as the beat writers, have told the rest of the media over a hundred times that Amaro is not making any trade decisions and is only making the phone calls, yet you continue to write that Amaro will “muff” a trade up that he has no control over. Why do you continue to make incorrect statements?

  4. I don’t understand why Ruben would set a deadline before the trade deadline? Just hold out Hamels until Friday night if they don’t trade him? Is Ruben saying that if someone comes in desperate with a great offer at 3:55 on Friday afternoon, he wont take the call?

  5. The Phillies are asking for all the right prospects with each team, I just hope they don’t settle for a sub-par package.

    Papelbon will be gone by Friday

  6. Yea right no way these teams are gonna wait that long for an amswer. They need to make moves in case they don’t get Hamels. They aren’t going to give their best offers and just wait 48 hours. I’m sure if Rube tries to do that these teams will just move on and go to plan b. Then he’ll be stuck with what ever offer who ever doesn’t move on still wants to give. Either that or not trade him at all.

  7. Also I forgot to add along with my rant that I wish Cole Hamel’s did not have his jersey on in that photo. Come to mama!

  8. Bob is getting to be like The Real Slim Shady video woukd The Real Slim Bobby please stand up, please stand up, please stand up

  9. Stupid Rube has no idea how to be a GM. He isn’t some auctioneer, sitting back and waiting for bids. He should be out there SELLING some other team on what a great thing it would be for THEM to have Cole – MAKE the market, don’t sit and watch it. What a fuking idiot.

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