Ruben Amaro Press Conference Roundup

"I'll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB."
“I’ll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB.”

Ruben Amaro just finished addressing the press on the Cole Hamels trade, and here are some of the notable things he said. As always, all quotes are paraphrased:

  • We got Alfaro as a catcher, and we don’t project his injury to be a long-term issue.
  • In a lot of ways we used out money and talent to buy talent.
  • Thompson can be anywhere from the middle of the rotation to the top of the rotation to the bottom of the rotation. He’s still young.
  • Pitching was important to us because we simply don’t have enough in the upper levels.
  • Ruben actually used the word “analytics.”
  • Our latest understanding is that Harrison might not be able to start in his turn.
  • I’ve been working with John Daniels (Rangers’ President of Baseball Operations and General Manager) on this deal probably for six or seven or eight months. We felt they were the right match for us.
  • This deal was no different from how I’ve been operating since I took over in 2008.
  • I’m the point guy, or the “talking head.”
  • There are so many different factors and things to have to happen which is why it takes a long time. Approvals, paperwork, etc.
  • Market was much more fruitful for Hamels this year.
  • There was no shortage of suitors.
  • Cole has every right to go where he wanted to as dictated by his contract.
  • Texas’ pieces, depth, the way we lined up worked very well for us. It’s the best deal we felt we could make.
  • Williams and Thompson are  headed to AA. Williams will probably not get into the lineup until Tuesday, and then Thompson is scheduled to be able to throw Saturday or Sunday.
  • Teams are much more willing to dole out money than prospects. The value of prospects has increased.
  • “This may not sound right because it’s coming from my mouth, but we took a very analytical approach.”
  • Finding offense is not easy, and we think we got that in these prospects.
  • Ruben pulls out his phone, scrolls through it for a bit, and says of the next (Revere) deal: “Almost.”
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5 Responses

  1. I’m starting to get the feeling RAJ is back next year. That old coot Gillick loves him and refuses to believe he hired a complete incompetent like Amaro. He’s probably selling hard to McPhail. Damn. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. His days as GM are numbered, but I fully expect that he’ll keep his position as a Senior VP in the front office.

  2. If this deal was handled the same way he has always handled them, my weekend is ruined. I would not be surprised if he got a stay of execution for one year.

  3. Amaro will get the same deal as I got. Snider loves me even though I am incompetent, so I get kicked upstairs. What other NHL team would hire me, especially with my past? Gillick and Montgomery love Amaro and one of the conditions on McPhail’s hiring was Amaro stays. What other MLB team would even think putting Ruin Tomorrow on theirpayroll after taking the Phils from best to utter jokes in five years?

  4. I wonder what opinion everyone will have of you when they read that you were “snoozing” in the bullpen during the All-Star Game, as Jim Salisbury mentions in his piece. Who will Ruben Amaro get into a press war with next?

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