Ruben Amaro Just Pissed off One of the Most Beloved Phillies of All-Time

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Goddamn you, Ruben. Goddamn you.

Ruben Amaro felt today – TODAY! – was the day to declare that the Phils are never ever getting back together with their longtime second baseman… like, ever:

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Well, that will do wonders for what little trade value Utley may have had left:

Opposing GM: We’ll give you a compensatory pick and a bag of used BP balls for Chase.

Rube: Can’t. He’s our starting second baseman. 

Opposing: Funny you should mention that…

[UPDATE: Fine, fine– Utley has no trade value at the moment. But no good comes from dismissing in that manner. Utley comes back, hits .290 with three home runs for three weeks and looks like some semblance of a real player again (totally plausible), I can’t imagine a contending team wouldn’t take a flyer on him after he clears waivers.] [UPDATE 2: To further that point, this is yet again what happens when you sit on tradable assets too long. Maybe Utley was the guy we all secretly rooted to retire a Phillie – fair – but, as was the case with Cliff Lee, the Phils waited until age caught up with Utley and he became worthless. Now he sucks and is hurt, and he might suck because he was hurt. Either way, he’s worthless at the moment.]

As if Ruben unnecessarily shoveling dirt on Chase wasn’t hard enough to read, here’s Utley’s terse response when asked about the comments [quote also courtesy of Ryan Lawrence, who’s doing yeoman’s work out in LA]:

“Well, I think Cesar has done a really good job,” Utley said before taking the field to stretch with his teammates. “There you go.”

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Get one.

Side note: I give it 20 or so hours until Ruben is forced to yet again apologize for needlessly piling on one of his veterans. I say Mike Missanelli’s show tomorrow.


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  1. This guy is a huge plucking asshole and worthless piece of shit.PHUCK OFF you Spic motherfucker

    1. Look who’s talking! Can’t find my reruns anywhere on television. Heading to over to Smitty’s for a nightcap with my quaaludes . Whatever happens, happens. Zim-Zam Bippity-Boppity!!!

  2. I love Chase, I even wrote him a love letter once, but he cannot be allowed to get 500 plate appearances. No way, no how.

    Ruben is doing the right thing for once. (Throw up in my mouth).

    1. He’s not going to reach 500PA’s. The DL stint took care of that.

    2. Just because Rube is right, he can also be wrong. Yes Hernandez is the better option right now, but Utley also deserves better than to be called out publicly like that. Potential free agents look at shit like that and choose to go elsewhere.

    3. He has 249 plate appearances. Could reach it if he came back in 2 weeks and played the rest of the season.

      Free agents don’t care about that. Only care about $ . Ruben won’t be here any way.
      Do you think they haven’t told Chase privately?

      They have never called out Chase publicly, and always stood by him despite refusing to be traded.

      1. Mac, he can’t reach it, even if he played everyday after coming off the DL

      2. He literally would have to play every inning of every game which obviously is not happening. He has no shot of the option vesting

  3. Too bad Utley has forgotten more baseball than Amaro will ever know. #norespect.

  4. Ruben can go fuck himself. I don’t disagree with Utley playing less. But to basically trash a guy, who’s hurt, and dismiss him like he’s just another player is pathetic. Ruben, you are the one who destroyed this franchise. You took everyone’s favorite players and reduced them to being laughing stock. Instead of maintaining these players legacies in this city, you held onto them for way too long and now instead of honoring these guys as part of the greatest run in most of our lifetimes, you’ve made us resent those guys. FUCK YOU RUBEN

  5. Chase put himself on the DL. He basically put himself into retirement. He won’t come back this year until September in a minor role. Then he will start the last game this year at CBP and get pulled in the top of the 9th and walk off the field one last time.

    This nonsense is a non-story

    1. Saw Kyle’s update so need to point out that he wrote tons of posts vehemently against trading Cliff Lee when his value was at its highest. Everyone saw the writing on the wall of this collapse, except Ruben and Kyle.

      1. Shut up. No need to be a dickbag

        What the fuck kind of name is Chet, anyway?

  6. Ruben is an idiot, but this is nothing like the Cliff Lee case. Even they wanted to trade him, Utley has steadfastly refused to waive his no trade clause. This one is on Utley…

    1. Except — that’s only because he holds on to them so long that 10/5 rights kick in.

    2. Oh, so you must hate unions like me? Because its the MLBPA that negotiated the 10 & 5 rule which allows players like Utley the ability to veto if they want to. No one put a gun to Rube’s head and extend Utley, knowing full well that this might happen. Amaro seems to think that when he signs these guys who are older that they will never decline in production, or that he might want to move them some day. For that, AMARO is the fucking idiot.
      Rollins luckily chose to accept his deal, but if he didn’t, I wouldn’t fault him either, that also would have been poor planning by Rube.

      1. I think he knows they’ll decline. But he also knows that there are still no better options.

  7. Anyone else remember Ruben spending the trade deadline trying to resign Chase when he should have been trading whatever marketable pieces he had? It didn’t get attention because the Riley Cooper story broke that day.

    So you held him with such reverence that he has to retire a Phillie to throwing him under the bus now? When you could have traded him for something a few years ago.

  8. Sad to see aggressive white man, power hitting black slugger with a huge nose and a wet-back former steroids user all cooked. So sad

  9. So there’s no way to trade Hernandez or use him as a bluff.

    What a miserable place to work. And I can’t think of any uplifting players on that team to relieve the misery. I think it would be great for morale — especially for fans — to fire Ruben now. He’s not staying past this season anyway.

  10. Did anyone watch the Phils first 50 games, I realize it was tough but, Chase Utley is done. He’s not getting it back, time caught up with him. Sad but true! They could never have gotten anything for him, he wouldn’t allow a trade. Get off Chase’s dick and realize he did this to himself. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to also say Fuck you Rube!!!

  11. Chase Utley benefited from having the games best power hitter behind him for 4-5 years. Werth also took advantage hitting behind Howard. It’s not coincidence that these two haven’t done shit since Howard lost his game/power (or left the team in Werth’s case)….but Howard is still chastised here. Chase was, undoubtedly, one of the best players to ever put on the Phillies uniform, but quit acting like the guy was Micky Mantle. He was an above average player for 5 years, AT BEST.

      1. Utley hasn’t been an elite player since 2009. You obviously haven’t see his decline because him hustling down to 1st base on a weak grounder still impresses you.

        1. So you have been saying get rid of him since 2009/10? Get off that bandwagon where you latch on to the latest “(insert name here) should be gone”..fraud.

          1. Look jackass, that’s not what I said. I said he hasn’t been elite since 2009. Where in my statement did I say that he should have been gone since “2009/10”? Like a typical women you speak before thinking about what really should be said.

  12. It really amazes me that the Phillies were able to have that great 5 year run (2007-11) with these bumbling idiots that have run this organization since Giles took over in 1981.

    This team made the playoffs once from 1984-2006, as you had Bill Giles and David Montgomery run it like we were a small market team like the Marlins. Then they got lucky and hired Gillick who molded this team into a champion in 2008, and then Ruben and David Montgomery slowly made it back into the dysfunctional organization we are today.

    1. I thought pretty much everyone had realized by now that Pat Gillick had a huge hand in the team’s post-2011 downfall.

  13. Just because a guy runs hard down to first base on a weak hit grounder doesn’t mean he deserves to start when he returns. He should probably consider pulling a Schmidt and retire.

  14. Utley’s contract was designed so that he’d pretty much be a Phillie as long as he could play every day.

    It appears that both injury and performance have dictated that that is no longer the case.

    It was unlikely that he’d ever be traded.

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