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From 6 ABC:

Investigators said on Tuesday that the man who led police officers from multiple agencies on a two hour pursuit that spanned two states was wanted for stealing underwear.

Robert Ritter, of Blackwood, N.J., was captured after the chase on Monday evening.

Police say Ritter stole $10.50 worth of underwear from a Shop Rite store in Brooklawn, New Jersey. Ritter also had warrants out for his arrest.

Ritter was released from the hospital and into police custody on Tuesday morning to face aggravated assault and other charges.

Though emergency skid mark sitches typically call for drastic measures, I’m not sure I could think of anything less sexy than having to go on the lam for stealing $10  underwear from a Shop Rite in Brooklawn, New Jersey.

Side note: If they were Fruit of the Looms, would you find them… in the produce aisle?

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