The Phillies Are Using “Cole Hamels’ First Start Since His No-Hitter” to Promote Ticket Sales for Thursday Night

Voila_Capture 2015-07-27_12-27-36_PM

Subject to change, I presume?

Side note: I’m about 92% confident Amaro does nothing before Thursday, Cole pitches, blows out his arm, Phillies left with the most laughable peak-value-trade-deadline-failure in history.


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  1. The people who run this blog are so God Damned negative! You are not funny or amusing.. You just come across as the assh*le sports fans the rest of the nation sees us as. Negadelphia Know-Nothings. Every time I pop on in hopes there will be interesting info, all I get are the condescending opines of pricks who think they know it all. Besides if Hamels is not traded, it wont be Ruben’s fUlt.. It will be other teams were too stingy in what they would give in return!

  2. at least it is something to promote… can’t say the same about the shitty t-shirts this site makes that you try to promote on a daily basis.

    your best selling t-shirt would be something that really captures how Villanova chokes in March every year.

    you mainline racist.

  3. How comes he never needed tommy john. Looks like an inverted w up there.

  4. Just want to let you know Ruben met his girlfriend on and she smells down there

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